Babywearing Gives Me LIFE

Hey ya’ll! I hope your Tuesday is going great. This week has started off really crazy and there is probably not a chance it will go back to normal. I swear, Mercy spoiled me with sleeping through the night. The past two nights (early morning) she has woken up and been awake for about an hour and a half. It’s been in the 3:30am time so I am a zombie by the time 7am comes around. I think that’s when I am in my deepest sleep so that’s why I am so tired by the time we actually get up and start the day. She isn’t crying when she wakes up though, thank goodness… she just smiles and looks around!

ANYWHO! After I had Nolan, I started exploring the world of baby wearing and quickly fell in love. I swear, it’s the only reason I get things accomplished during the day. Anytime the baby is fussy and I cannot calm them down, I feed them, put a clean diaper on them and put them in the carrier. It’s like magical sleepy dust and they all fall asleep within minutes. I say this because I’ve worn all of my babies as infants all the way to toddlerhood.

Not only are you able to get things accomplished like housework and getting yourself dressed without having to hear a crying baby, you can also grocery shop and go out in public without lugging around a heavy carseat. There is no way that I could go out with Scarlet Reese and Mercy without baby wearing her. Scarlet Reese would take off running and I wouldn’t be able to catch her if I had to run with the car seat as well. There have been so many situations (including strangers trying to touch my infants) that baby wearing as proven so helpful. I also want to share a few things that I’ve learned in my 6 years of motherhood.

Did you know that baby wearing can:
-improve reflux
-encourage bonding
-promote healthy hip development
-reduce colic
-boost milk supply

Baby wearing is a must for moms in my book. Regardless if you have one or 5, it will help you in daily life! When my babes are little I love wearing a soft baby wrap like this one from Burrow Baby but when they get heavier, it hurts my back and I switch to my Ergo Adapt Carrier. Those are my two go to’s when I baby wear and ones I suggest for any mom. If you are confused about how to put them on and put the baby in them, you can go to Youtube and watch videos of step by step instructions until you get comfortable. Try it out and let me know which style carrier you prefer. I would love to hear how baby wearing has helped you during motherhood.