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Mom Wagon and Grocery Shopping

Happy Monday ya’ll! The weekend FLEW by didn’t it? Not only did we go car shopping, we spent ours at different events for our friends and barely had time at our home. I am happy that Sunday afternoon we were able to get back home and hang out for the rest of the day. We always go to the early service at our church, brunch then pick up our groceries. After that, we can stay home without having to leave and it feels wonderful! I always feel like I have somewhere to be these days but I am such a homebody, it eats me up.

Friday, I polled y’all on instastories about what larger SUVs you loved. Since having Mercy, our Tahoe was feeling tiny when we would go grocery shopping or on a weekend trip. The amount of stuff that you need when you have four kids is insane. I put off getting a larger vehicle because I didn’t want to drive a bus but as always, when I say “never,” I end up having to do whatever it was I said I didn’t want. Also, when we had a friend or family member want to ride with us somewhere, our Tahoe would only fit ONE other person and you would have to squeeze between Nolan and Harper in the back seat. It was NOT comfortable. The middle row of the Tahoe had bucket seats so that’s where Scarlet Reese and Mercy sit. For all of those reasons, we knew a bigger SUV was in the works!

Derrek and I are taking the kids on a family vacation in a few weeks and knew there’s no way we wanted to be in the car for that long cramped together in the Tahoe. We went back and forth between a Suburban or a Yukon XL but in the end, I told him I really LOVED my Tahoe and wanted something just like it. Friday, I called the same place I purchased my Tahoe and asked if they had any used Suburban’s on the lot – I will NEVER buy a brand new car with children as small as mine. They would ruin it in a heartbeat! Surprisingly, the lot had just gotten a Suburban with low mileage and a bench seat… two of my wants when looking for a new car. Derrek met me there on his way home from work and we test drove it. After 30 minutes, we decided it was the one and that was that. We left that day with a new car!

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about how the kids are sitting in our car. I’m going to link our carseats and why we chose the ones we did here. We have decided since there are three rows to split the kids up in the middle and back and have a spare seat in each row. Scarlet Reese and Mercy are in the middle bench seat and Nolan and Harper are in the back. There is room for two extra people when we need it.

The one thing we do every Sunday is go grocery shopping. We’ve done this as a family since Nolan was less than a year old. When we lived in Lake View, we drove 15 minutes to another town and shopped at Walmart for our groceries. Once a month, I make a trip to Costco and stock up on our other favorites – you can check them out here. For the most part, Walmart has upped their game when it comes to grocery shopping. I am extremely impressed by their willingness to order specific things I’ve mentioned to the manager to stock. (In the next few weeks be on the lookout for a big Walmart haul post on my weekly must haves.)

Up until we moved, Derrek and I would take Nolan, Harper and Scarlet Reese into the store and grocery shop on Sundays but once we moved, we’ve taken full advantage of the grocery pickup. It’s so much easier to do this verses taking all of them in the store. We forgot to do our online grocery pick up one weekend after Mercy was born so we had to go inside with all four kids and Derrek and I were so tired after we left from chasing everyone around. We vowed to never do that again! Ha!

The entire process of selecting your groceries online is super easy and normally takes me about 15 minutes. There is an option to reorder things that you’ve gotten previously and sometimes I do that. I’m trying really hard to keep our meals revolving so we don’t get bored so I do change up my order weekly. You pick a time slot that’s an hour window long (we normally do a time in the afternoon) and click submit. You will receive an email when your order is ready to pick up with instructions on what to do once you get to your Walmart’s pick up area. Once you arrive, call the number on the sign in front of the parking spot and an employee will bring your groceries out and load them for you! Can you say #winning? When I was super pregnant this was SO helpful not having to load everything myself.

The entire process is super easy and so worth it. They always substitute any produce that they feel isn’t up to par and are very great about checking expiration dates. I’ve honestly never had a bad experience. I also take my 31 utility totes with me and they pack all my groceries in there. This cuts down on the amount of trips I take getting everything inside. It’s so easy to grab the three totes and take them into my kitchen to upload. If you’d like to try this service for yourself, send me an email and I’ll send you a referral code for $10 off your first grocery pick up!