Magical Organic Cold Brew Coffee

I like to think of my morning coffee as my magic potion and I add a lot of supplements to it to benefit my body. I often get asked about them so it only seemed fitting to give y’all a solid place to reference if you want to try my morning cocktail – minus the booze. I’m gonna be real with you though… nothing can beat an organic caramel latte with oat milk from Bean Bar in Florence though. On the mornings I don’t go to Bean Bar, I make a cold brew coffee at home. Why cold brew you ask?

The benefits of drinking cold brew are extensive. It’s 67% less acidic than regular coffee so it’s a lot better for your teeth. Cold brewed coffee has the ability to boost your metabolism and your mood via the caffeine. I also love that the flavor is extremely less bitter than regular coffee. You can make cold brew, I am going to get back into the habit of doing it when I purchase a new French press to make it but for now, I buy organic cold brew from Target. I add in about 1/3 cup of organic oat milk creamer and one scoop of collagen. This s the way I like my coffee. Coffee + more than a splash of creamer + collagen. It’s my JAM! Now I know what your next question is, why collagen?

I personally learned about the many health benefits of collagen when I was learning about how our body’s produce it but only until our 20s. That’s what gives our skin that youthful appearance. For women, you stop naturally producing collagen and you start aging. I take collagen to help combat aging, hair fall out from post party hormones and to help my skin and nails become clearer. Collagen has the ability to improve your skin’s elasticity by increasing the density of fibroblasts which are the cells that rebuild connective tissues. The collagen that I use is flavorless and dissolves in my coffee, you can click here to purchase.

I normally blend it all together with a hand blender and drink out of a mason jar. This little hand blender is amazing and super cheap. It runs off of batteries and comes in many different colors. If you try my cold brew magic coffee, please let me know!