Little Black Dress

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37 weeks is here and I am feeling it! Lack of sleep and the baby getting into position to come join us Earth-side is taking its toll on me. I am trying to spend as much time hanging out with the kids and with Derrek as possible before our world changes. I am excited for the change, but I am also soaking in the last days of us being a family of four. Being at the end of pregnancy means trying my best to stay comfortable no matter what. That goal combined with this hot Southern heat has me living in breathable dresses. I cannot tell you the last time that I wore pants, nor do I want to think of the idea of having to wrangle into them. This black tank dress from Nom Collection is perfect no matter what point of your pregnancy you are in. I really like it because it is also nursing-friendly for after the baby is born. The material is very stretchy and breathable, two things that are much appreciated at this point! I love this dress so much because you can style it up or down AND the fact that it comes in multiple colors and prints is also something that I really love! I’m a big fan of finding pieces that I love and buying them in every color possible. Why search for numerous pieces when you can stick to what you KNOW fits and feels good on your growing body? Head over to the Nom Collection website to check out their styles and see what pieces work best for your body.