How Meal Planning Saves Our Week

Want to know what makes life easier for our family?

Meal planning. 

It’s something that my husband and I commit to every single weekend so we can make sure the upcoming week. We do this to make sure that it has been grocery shopped and we can cook doing the week without having something random missing.

This one little habit that we’ve created helps us actually cook more at home and waste less with our grocery bill.

With the current state of the world and just having a larger family, staying on track with our groceries is really important to us. 

To meal plan, my husband and I sit down and decide what meals we want upcoming. A lot of times we scroll through Pinterest after checking key words like “healthy dairy free recipes” “healthy family friendly recipes” and then make our decisions. We also look at what we already have so we don’t buy it again when groceries are ordered.

Would you consider meal planning and seeing if it makes a positive benefit in your life?