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DipWell: my favorite salon alternative for gorgeous nails

One thing that I absolutely love to have done is my nails. I have always loved a beautiful pop of color on my fingernails and for the longest time I used traditional nail products. From doing my own at home manicures to going to a salon, I’ve learned a lot about what’s in traditional nail polishes and dip powders and because of that I decided to look and find a non-toxic option.

After my search I found several brands that I tried myself. Some I didn’t love so much and others I absolutely adore. Here are the ones that we use in our household:

As much as I love painting my nails with regular nail polish, I love a dip manicure more because it stays on a lot longer. I went on a hunt for a safer dip manicure and after researching, I found this really amazing company named DipWell.

Now I use this system regularly and I take my entire DipWell system to my nail salon and let the professionals handle it. I do have a few friends that do theirs at home but I like to leave this up to the professionals for me personally. 

I hope you decide to take a deeper look into the world of nail polishes and even try out some of my favorite brands, I have a feeling that you’ll love them!