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Coconut Oil For Your Plants, Say WHAT?

Coconut oil is one of the best things on this planet, in my opinion. It can be used for SO MANY THINGS and has lots of health benefits. Spotlight on the way that coconut oil can be beneficial today is: FOR PLANTS! Did you know that you can use coconut oil to give your plants extra love?

I’ve found that indoor plants require a little more TLC than the ones outside because they are in an unnatural environment. Plants were meant to be outside, don’t forget that. You can check out my full on “plant tips” blog post by clicking HERE.

To use coconut oil as a plant mama love perk, you just rub a little bit of coconut oil onto their leaves and stems. Using the fractionated (liquid) coconut oil is easiest but all I have at my house is the solidified version so that’s what I used.

The coconut oil oil will help keep the plants roots extra moist and absorbent and at the same time it will help their steams and leaves shine! I am always surprised when I take the time to rub them down with coconut oil because I have to dust them with a damp cloth first and WOW the dust accumulates so quickly.

Coconut oil also brings in those added health benefits making it a great herbicide that you can add to spray fertilizers (use the liquid form) to act as a surfactant. This is helpful because the protective layer it causes helps the plant remain moist.

Forewarning you to NOT put your plants in direct sunlight after using coconut oil on them because it can cause the heat to burn your plant (if you’ve ever used coconut oil in the sun you know what I’m talking about.)

When I love on my plants and use coconut oil, I take a microfiber cloth that’s been damped and clean the leaves first THEN I apply a small amount of coconut oil and spread with the cloth. I do this every few months and it really does make my plants thrive.

Have you ever tried coconut oiling your plants? What are your thoughts?