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hey ya’ll! Can you believe it’s officially summer? I am over here wondering how on Earth this happened, loving the nice weather and wondering what we are gonna do all summer. We’ve always lived in the country and a very short trip to the beach so I have always been able to entertain them easier. This year, I am super pregnant, tired and feeling like a party pooper. I do want to share a few things that I have planned with the kids to keep them happy and occupied this summer without breaking the bank.

  1. summer camp- this is something that I’ve never been able to get them into before because of where we were located. I am so excited that we are surrounded by so many amazing churches that offer summer programs. The kids are going to a church very close to us that Scarlet Reese will attend in the fall for 2k. This summer camp is one that I had to pay for but I’ve been told by so many wonderful mom’s that it’s very much worth it for them and myself. They will only go three days a week from 9-12 but I expect that will be more than enough time for them to be social and play and then if I want to work or rest during that time, I can.
  2.   splash pad- we have several of these in the surrounding towns around us. I don’t suggest going there daily because that can be pricey but maybe once a week or biweekly would be worth it. The kids love going and playing with other kids their own age and running around in the water. It also gives me the opportunity to sit and watch them while they play. Anytime, I can semi-relax is much appreciated at this point in pregnancy. I also try and keep us all outdoors as much as possible and this makes the heat bearable.
  3. the beach- the most amazing, free entertainment you could ever ask for during the summer. If you are anywhere near the ocean, I say get a little beach bag packed and a sand bucket with shovels for each kid and GO! We frequent the beach- not as much as I’d like BUT we go quite often. Our kids love playing in the sand and the water and they are always worn out by the time we leave. We make sure to park at a beach access with a shower so I can clean everyone off and they get dressed in the back of my car when we leave. Easy peasy and I didn’t spend any money but gas to get there.
  4. the library- most library’s offer some sort of summer program and I suggest calling yours and seeing what they have going on. I grew up spending my afternoons at the library until my mother picked me up when she left work. It’s so comforting to me to spend time there and I want my children to feel the same way. We go weekly to our library and they get to pick new books that we read at night before bed. They also get to play educational games and listen to puppet shows on certain days. Our local library has weekly story time and movies available to check out so we alternate in both so they kids are always connecting in some way at the library.
  5. the movie theater- I know that I’m going to have to explain this one because we all know how expensive a trip to the movies can be, especially with multiple children. As much as we love trips to the movie theater, I hate spending so much. Thankfully, during the summer, one of the movie theatres in our town offers $1 movies on certain days. These are not brand new releases but ones that came out during the previous year. My children don’t know the difference and are just excited to head to the movies! I try and do this twice a month so they get the experience and something fun that beats the heat.
  6. head to the park- I don’t know about where ya’ll live but it gets HOT, HOT, HOT here. Like, upper 90s by lunch. We love going to the park but most days its just way to hot. I finally found a good solution though… head to the park in the early morning right after the kids wake up. There aren’t rules in the summer, we don’t have certain times to be anywhere, so why not go and beat the heat and the crowds? I’ve really enjoyed partaking in this because of the last two items I mentioned.

what are some of the things you plan to do with your little’s this summer? Please share your ideas so we can partake as well.