Life This Week

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Scarlet Reese has been Earthside with us for 15 weeks now! I’d like to say that life is perfect but I still haven’t settled into my groove with three kids. My biggest accomplishment is that we are all surviving! There are days when I don’t change out of pjs, my one cup of coffee is sipped on throughout the day and the messes stay uncleaned because I’ve just reached my limit. Then there are other days where all of us are dressed, the house is spotless and I actually get a few peaceful moments to myself. It’s hard being a Mom but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

The past few days I’ve been sick with a bug that Nolan brought home from school. I seriously thought I was dying and became very emotional because even though I was sick, life was expected to proceed as normal. I still had to take care of the kids while Derrek was working. Sadly, our house became a complete disaster with laundry and dishes piling up. I couldn’t accomplish any work because I was so sick I could barely move. I had no one that I could call to come help because everyone lives so far away! It was really stressful but thank God today I am starting to feel better. My sister sent me the sweetest message when I was venting to her and I feel the need to share it because this can resonate with anyone! “Be faithful with what you’ve got. Only grow when you are ready.” After she sent me that in a text, I became extremely emotional but thankful for those words.

Life throws us curve balls every single day but it’s how we deal with them that defines who we are. I have so many dreams and things that I want to accomplish but trying to have everything right NOW isn’t realistic. Growth takes time and as I look back on who and where I was five years, three years, one year or even two months ago I see my growth and I am thankful and proud of myself. All things take time. I might not have the newest car, biggest house or designer clothes but I do have a family that loves me, a husband who supports me and a bed to sleep on every night. My life is always evolving and I love knowing that everything that is happening is because of continuous hard work. Enjoy your life even when things aren’t going the way YOU want… remember, there is always someone who is happy living with less than what you have.