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An Update On The Girls And An Adorable, Quick Hair How-To.

As the girls get older, I catch myself remembering some of the things I use to say. Things like: “They will always match,” “they will always wear bows in their hair,” “I’ll never bribe them to do things that they need to do,” etc. It really does make me giggle. As a first time parent, I really was a know it all and man, these last 7 years have taught me so much. Mostly that I didn’t know anything and I am constantly learning new lessons every day. It makes me give them and myself all the grace because we are all learning and growing together.

I have had some really hard days as a mom but I’ve also had some really amazing days too! I don’t want to make anyone feel like it’s not worth it because it totally is but man, the stories I could tell! I am sure as they continue to grow, the stories will only get crazier but one thing I can always do is look back and laugh. Life is never perfect, especially with kids and I really do enjoy all the experiences we’ve had together good and bad (and yes I’m talking about being thrown up on, cleaning up poop and all the disgusting things I never thought about before being a mom!)

One of the things that’s really interesting to me is how different Harper and Scarlet Reese are. Harper is a very shy, but very sweet little girl who loves all things princess but hates wearing a dress. Scarlet Reese is a bubbly personality that’s never shy and will speak to anyone and everyone, she is also super girlie and has to wear a dress every single day. Mercy is still forming her personality so I won’t include her yet but she is showing her personality more everyday. Just seeing the major differences between the older two makes me wonder what Mercy will be like. I am also certain that when they all get to be teenagers that I will loose my mind but I will cross that bridge when I get there!

For now, one of the daily battles is when it’s time to do their hair. The girl love to have their hair styled but when it comes down to actually doing it, they fuss… A LOT! They both watch me curl my hair with a curling wand and ask me daily to curl their hair like mine. Most of the time, time is the issue that holds me back from doing that so I ask them if they want to wear a headband, throw it up in a bun or let me put it in a fun braid or faux braid.

Harper is normally VERY uptight about her hair and if I don’t do it the way she tells me, she will take it all down, ha! Lately, she’s been letting me faux braid (do ya’ll remember this hair style?) with the new tiny Teleties and will wear it all day like this. You basically make pony tails, loosen a little bit, take two fingers and loop the pony tail through a small hole you make at the ponytail holder then just tighten and move to the next section. Scarlet Reese likes her hair completely different than Harper. She will not wear it in a pony tail or bun and is so busy I can’t really braid it without it looking crazy. She will at least let me get a big section in the front out of her face and put it in a side pony. Using Teleties is one of my secret tricks because they’re quick to tie, hold all day, and don’t pull the girl’s hair. Head to their website and check out all the new styles including the mini Teleties that I used in the girls hair!