New Years Resolutions 2018

It is so crazy that 2017 has come and gone. Time is flying by at lightening speed and every year brings so many new memories. I never understood the term “time flies” until I had children. They are the perfect example of time, they are growing so quickly in front of my face that it scares me. It also reminds me that almost six years have passed since I became a mom and sometimes, it’s hard to remember that I was my own person before that. I love spending my life with them 24/7 but not having any “me time” isn’t healthy. I can look back and see when I’ve slipped into a depressed mindset and how not making time for myself during that contributed to my emotions. Because of this, I’ve decided to making 2018 all about making life better for myself and my family. What does this mean?

This means focusing on being present over perfect. Not only with the kids but with my husband, family and friends. Everyone that is in my life, should be able to get quality time and not get shut out because I was to focused on being perfect. Life is not perfect, no matter what Instagram tells you otherwise. For instance, I’ve had this blog on my mind for the past week but a stomach bug ravaged our house and changed my plans. I chose to be present for my children who wanted their mama above anything else and just nurture them back to good health. If other things I want to do have to wait, so be it. I want my loved ones to remember that I cared enough to put them first.

With that being said, there’s a fine balance of being there for your loved ones but not loosing yourself at the same time. That’s my second resolution for 2018. To stop feeling guilty for the times that I need to do something for “me.” I can’t tell y’all the amount of guilt I have anytime I leave the kids… it could be to hit the gym for an hour, get a hair cut, go grocery shopping or a lunch meeting with my team. The times I am away are very far and few between. Why? Because I focus more on feeling bad about being gone then understanding it’s healthy. I don’t neglect my kids or my husband so if I need/want to go do something for myself for a few hours, I don’t need to make myself feel lower than low about it. I’m not going off to party or anything like that, everyone needs a little self care time and I have to get into a positive mindset about that time.

The most important thing that I’m choosing to focus on is just being present. Not letting time pass by with “I wish” or scrolling on social media. I am so excited to see what this new year holds and how much growth can come. I don’t know if any of ya’ll feel the same but if you do please share and lets talk about it. I would love to chat with people with the same goals and hold each other accountable.