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  • Let me tell ya what I’ve done. I’ve been that ugly girl. That’s bashed another girl. Because someone was ugly to me or jealousy or insecurities. Whatever the reason. It wasn’t a good or healthy thing to do. And I regret it. Now that I have girls of my own, I want them to see how I treat other women and mirror that. I want them to support the outlandish goals and wanting to do better. It doesn’t matter if someone has something that you don’t. It doesn’t mean you have to be ugly. Just try and the the best person YOU can be. I’ve been a victim of mean girls myself and I swear, it gives me ptsd. The thought of finding good and genuine girl friends was unrealistic. I am trying to let go of those feelings trust others again. See, when you focus on yourself... it doesn’t matter if other people are ugly or mean. That’s THAT PERSON and not you. You can decide to be whatever you want to be. I’m doing my best to be a strong woman. Working on something different about myself everyday. and I’m dang proud to know other women who are doing the same thing. We vibe together and I really freaking appreciate that. This world is cold enough. Sticking together verses bringing each other down could change the world. ❤️✌🏼
  • It’s a Friday downtown kinda afternoon with my lovie! This season is my fav because there is always something to do. Between festivals, pumpkin patches and Halloween parties, we are booked solid! What’s your favorite kid friendly fall activity? 🍁
  • Halloween, we ready for ya 🎃
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  • Two of the top toxic offenders in makeup are eyeshadows and lipsticks. After I found this out, I started my quest for safer. The performance pay off in most non toxic makeup is 👎🏼 but thanks to @christy_coleman and @beautycounter, I found the most amazing highly pigmented products. Tonight on my blog, I am sharing what ingredients are in common eyeshadows and lipsticks, why you want to switch to safer and my fav new colors for fall! 💋
  • What’s your guilty pleasure? Mine is good. always has been, always will be. I saw the biggest amount of my weight drop when I stopped eating out. Now, I allow myself a cheat meal (I call it a vacation meal because it sounds less scary 😉) once a week! My fav place is a local taco bar called @kingjefeflorence they have an assortment of tacos that are so delicious and worth the extra calories! What’s your fav meal to splurge and eat?
  • Ok y’all! You’ve begged me for this blog. I’m sharing this super cute sweater dress (just went out of stock but I’m searching for one similar) styled two ways! These cute bow flats are perfect for fall and so are the @rothys I styled. I’ve linked all my accessories for you (and included a few discount codes 😘) go check it out!
  • As much as I’d love to wear my cute fall clothes, it’s 87 degrees out so I’ll settle for all black and closed toe shoes. Let’s here it for South Carolina where the weather goes back and forth every other day and that means we can’t truly commit to a full wardrobe overhaul 🤣🤦🏼‍♀️
  • If there’s one thing that I’ve learned as a mom it’s to go with what makes life easier for you and baby. Thanks to @PlaytexBaby, we have found the perfect “Binky” for baby Mercy. She uses the Playtex Binky to fall asleep after nursing. Head over to my blog to read more! #ad #PlaytexMoms #forbetterbeginnings

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