Trendy Teething Necklaces

Harper’s necklace | my necklace

The weekends are when I feel like I have my life together. That’s when Derrek is home, the house is clean and I have help with the kids. We always head out somewhere on a family adventure and I actually look put together for once. For those that think I try to post like I have “the perfect life” all I can do is laugh. It’s so far from the truth. Today has been a complete S-show and I swear, I’ve cried multiple times over not being able to accomplish anything. I had some super witty mumble-jumbo written for this post and I just deleted it all and decided to keep it real. We shoot blog looks on the weekends and while I am chillin’ in sweatpants with my hair in a bun, being able to wear something nice, curl my hair and wear makeup makes me feel human. No matter if I am dressed up or not, I have found a constant accessory in my life.

Jewels from Juliet came into my life about a month ago and I wear her necklaces daily. These are non-toxic baby-safe silicone teething necklaces for mama’s and toddlers to wear. Scarlet Reese is teething (part of the frustration I am feeling) and my necklaces have become a great thing for her to chew on a find some relief. I love the simplicity of the necklaces that I have and I wear them at home and when we go out so she can grab and chew anytime! Harper has become so obsessed with my necklaces that she always asks for one to wear as well! She was wearing mine around the house and when we go out and about but we actually received some of the toddler size the other day and she almost lost her mind that these were made JUST for her. Head over to the Jewels for Juliet website and checkout her pieces!  p.s. I know that many of you have asked about this dress that I had on the other day, it’s actually maternity by Label by Legoe but they sold out. I’ve linked a similar one below.

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