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The Start of Something New

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This pregnancy has really brought out a wide range of emotions for me. I feel like moments can make a difference in how I’m feeling… it’s absolutely crazy to feel like you’re constantly on an emotional roller coaster. I am so thankful for so many of you being understanding (and not judging) during all of this and offering helpful tips to reel it all in. Being able to share what I am going through and having other moms relate MEANS THE WORLD and I just can’t thank ya’ll enough. Sometimes mom life feels lonely and having other women speak to you and lift you up just does something to your mental that I cannot even explain. Once again, ya’ll ROCK!

I am super excited to say that I’ve found a great babysitter to help me and I am getting back on track with my business and with my blog. So many of you have expressed what a help my blog has been for you to transition to a healthier lifestyle and I DO NOT want to loose sight of that. Helping ya’ll make that transition means the world to me and I am so excited to share that I’ve got a blog schedule that I will start implementing THIS WEEK and I’m focusing on covering more of the topics ya’ll ask of me. Here is a break down of my blogging schedule so you all can see what days will show what topics.

Monday – makeup (this will be a break down on whats in our makeup products that we should steer clear of and healthy options for us all)
Tuesday- toxic swap (this will be on topics like plastic verses glass and such )
Wednesday- wellness (ya’ll know that I try to do something active every single week and this will showcase that and any protein products I use when working out)
Thursday- thirsty (all about water, teas, kombucha… anything healthy that I drink)
Friday- foodie (recipes, recipes and more recipes! I know ya’ll will love this day!)
Saturday- supplements (the ins and outs of the ones that I use and why)
Sunday- skincare (this will be another breakdown of what is in our skincare products, what to steer clear of, why and healthy options)


If ya’ll have specific questions or topics you’d like to see me cover, please comment under this post and I’ll get them moved to the front of my to-do list. I am SO excited to get back on track with ya’ll and really make positive changes all around.