Mom Truths and Our Recent Photoshoot With Sullivan Blue

Happppppyyyy Tuesday friends. I’ve had the opportunity to chat with moms over the last 2 and a half years who feel the same way I do. Social media has a way of making things seem “perfect” and it’s totally not. Everyday, my emotions range from over the moon happy to completely frustrated and overwhelmed. It’s really comforting talking to other women that are in the same situation as I am and are always so kind and understanding when we talk. I have decided that once a month, I am going to share some of my mom truths with ya’ll. I am doing this in hopes that it helps you realize how imperfect daily life is and gives each of you hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

-wanna know why I take my kids on walks in the mornings? Because it helps the time pass and wears them out. We normally run and do squats on the way home… oh, and because they want to go feed the animals down the road!
-I normally keep several snacks prepped in my fridge because at any given time my children are hungry. Things like boiled eggs, popcorn, fruit salad, chopped cucumbers, chips and guac, apple sauce pouches and yogurts are my kids favorites. Who else feels like they live in the kitchen all day? And why do my kids act like they haven’t eaten in 17 years?
-Bribes anyone? Every day, I convince my children to do things that are just a part of our daily life. “wanna go for a walk? Go brush your teeth and go pee in the potty.” “want to go to the library? you’ve got to clean your playroom first.” “want to watch a cartoon? Help me unload the dishwasher.” “want to do a craft? let’s vacuum the rugs first.” Seriously, it’s how anything gets accomplished around here.
-What mom actually drinks their coffee hot? I find myself sipping on my one cup until 12 noon because I’m always cleaning up some mess somewhere, wiping butts or refereeing their fights. This is where the term “iced coffee” comes into play at my house.
-Most days all three kids do not nap but on long days that I just need 45 minutes to myself, I get them to all lay down. My secret? Diffuse sleepy oils, turn on a box fan, close the bedroom curtains, get the baby to sleep first, then snuggle with Harper and Nolan. THIS my friends is how I catch up on work or write blogs.
-How do you think that I get my children to cooperate for pictures? RAP music (their choice) and organic lollipops. hahaha. This one makes me laugh because of everyone always asking about how I get them to all listen. It’s still a complete circus when we take them but those two things always help.
-In the mornings, Nolan wakes up before anyone else SO, I taught him how to turn the tv on so he could watch cartoons in bed with us while everyone else sleeps.
-At night, I always cook dinner, after we eat, the kids get their baths and then watch 30 minutes of tv before they go to sleep. While they are in the bath, Derrek normally watches them while I lock myself in my clothing closet and work as quickly as possible.
-I let the kids watch a movie everytime we get into the car because most times, I am “mommy”-ed out and I make phone calls or VOXER with my Beautycounter team during that time.

I hope that this has shown that I do keep it real and I do not have a “perfect” life. Everyday is a circus around here and it’s certainly NOT perfect. I love, love, love my kiddos and I value my time spent with them but just like everyone, sometimes I get a little burnt out. It’s nice to share this side of my life with ya’ll so you can see that I don’t pretend to be perfect. Please share some of your mom truths in the comments, I would LOVE to read them!