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Staying in the moment

Anyone get FOMO? It’s something that I struggle with. Social media has a way of making it worse. Scrolling someone’s feed and seeing their beautiful vacation pictures, perfect homes and brand new cars. Comparing your life to theirs and wondering why you don’t “have it all.” I read a quote that says “comparison is the thief of joy,” and it couldn’t be more true. I have days where I get so angry that my life isn’t as picture perfect as others. It’s so easy to get into a negative headspace when you are comparing your journey to someone else’s. That sentence really puts it into perspective doesn’t it? Your journey is yours for a reason. We all go through things in life that have the ability to teach us something. It’s also an opportunity to show us exactly how many blessings we have RIGHT NOW.

I decided to write out a few positive affirmations  and attach them to my bathroom mirror. The one that resonates with me the most right now is; “all of the power to create a life that I love is inside of me.” I mean, could not be more fitting. My life is amazing just like it is. The tweaking that I want to do is not important nor mandatory. I am so blessed at this very moment. I look back at all that I’ve been through and everything that has gotten me to this point and it feels freaking mind blowing. Although some days I feel like everything is falling to pieces, I love where I am.

I love my home, my husband, my kids and my family. I love waking up to three beautiful kids every morning. I love making everyone breakfast. I love being able to see my babies smile and laugh. I love that I have a house to clean. I love that I even have arms and legs to clean and run around after everyone. I love that I have a washing machine to clean all the clothes everywhere (even if it’s the one I’ve had since college). I love that I have a car that is safe to drive. I love that I can walk outside and enjoy fresh air in our yard. I love that my husband loves being with me. I love that my life is here right now. There are always things to be thankful for and it’s easiest to see that when you decide to stay in the moment verses thinking of what else you want.

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  • Hana Girl

    Lance and I deal with this everyday from every direction. We chose to live the way we do because it’s good for us and our kids. Others think that we aren’t doing enough or aren’t even trying to “become better off”. We are happy with what we are accomplishing. Being someone else’s version of happy or perfect terrifies me. I can’t be them or vice versa. I am happy. We Jackson’s are all happy. Learning to let myself be ‘seen’ is what saves my sanity. lol Thank you for this post! God bless y’all and keep doing what you’re doing. You are a deep breath of fresh air!

    • Amanda Scott

      I think that YOU are a breath of fresh air. Thank you for validating my feelings. It means the world to me to know that I am not alone.