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Soft Enough for a King

This year, we started a new Christmas tradition in our home thanks to Soft Enough for a King. I love making these memories with our littles and this one has become one of my favorites! The kids have really grown to look forward to putting new pieces of straw into the manger. As they opened the package to Soft Enough for a King, their eyes lit up, though a bit confused as to what it was. We all sat on the couch, Nolan holding tightly to the baby Jesus, as I read the included storybook and explained to them that with each  bit of love and thoughtfulness we give to each other, we would then place a piece of hay into the manger and make it ready for Christmas. As the days go by, our acts of service makes the manger cozier for baby Jesus to lay in.

In this society and today’s world, it’s been an uphill battle trying to reinforce the importance of giving and insignificance of receiving into our little ones, beliefs both Derrek nd I believe so strongly in. We both felt that this would be the perfect way to shift the “me me me” mentality (especially prevalent this time of year) to an attitude of giving. While Harper is a little to young to grasp the principle here, I have a strong feeling she will be quick to follow her big brother’s lead. Before I could even close the book, Nolan went over to his baby sister and handed her favorite blanket… and thus, the first piece of hay in our manger.

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