Selfcare When You’re a Mom

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I’m in the throws of teething right now and I’ve come to realize that taking care of myself a little extra during this is what helps me keep my sanity. Other than living on coffee, dry shampoo and a lot of grace, I make sure to take specific breaks of time for myself so I don’t get burned out. I’m sure we’ve all been there as moms, touched out, tired and a sobbing mess. Some days I don’t get my teeth brushed until after lunch and I stay in pjs all day, some days I get to put on makeup and do my hair… it’s all about balance. AND being ok with what life throws you.

As I continue down the parenting path, I can looked back and see big changes in my parenting style… especially after the addition of another child. I’ve grown and relaxed so much and quite honestly it feels amazing. I have come to terms with the fact that I’ll never be on time, someone will always have to go pee in a public restroom and their clothes will probably be so messy I’ll get a few sideways glances. But are they happy? Yes! Am I keeping my sanity by not trying to be perfect? Yes! I’m sure you’ve heard of “presence over perfect,” and that’s what this is all about.

Connect with your kids when they are around and then make sure to schedule 15 minutes to a few hours alone. In a dream world you’d get half the day off from parenting but I doubt that happens for many of us. I feel like my “mom” job never cuts off… unless I schedule for it. I have to take the lead of my life and if I need “me” time I’m going to have to figure out how. I don’t have family members breaking down my door everyday to keep the kids so, I found an amazing Nanny. It’s taken me five years but she’s with us and she’s amazing! She comes to my rescue whenever I need her.

So, now that you’ve gotten your schedule, what are you going to do? How much time you have, will depend on my suggestions for filling your cup. Go outside and enjoy the fresh air, sit out in the sun and just be! Or scoop up a book and a cup of coffee and sit in your favorite chair. Get lost in a tv show for a while. Take a hot shower. Go to the gym or take an exercise class. Take a nap. Head to lunch with a girlfriend. Go get a massage. Learn a new hobby. Hang out with your friends at one of their homes. Enjoy a meal by yourself. Put on a face mask and detox. Grab a drink with a friend or yourself. These are just a few ideas to get you started but the most important part is to start! I hope you decided to make time for YOU and start seeing the difference in doing so.

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