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Say Hello to Your New Friend, The Fringe

This post is in partner with Freshly Picked. All thoughts and opinions are my own, please read my disclaimer page for more information.

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It’s no secret that I love shopping and when I find brands I really love, I tend to buy everything from there! This holds true for mine and the kids clothing. Every now and then I venture out of the box but it never impresses me like my favorites! I have never seen a pair of Freshly Picked moccs I did not love, and everywhere we go while the kids have theirs on, everyone gushes about how cute these shoes are. They are soft-soled which actually helps walkers keep their balance better and prevents crawlers from having to pull around a heavy shoe. These are the only shoes I have ever been able to keep my kids from pulling off, and they never fall off when they’re running around. The high-quality leather used by Freshly Picked is so much nicer than any other knock-off moccs. If they get dirty, you can wipe them down, and they look brand new. I’ve saved so many of each of the kids moccs because they are sentimental to me.

Freshly Picked has branched out into more products since I first became a fan. Not only do they make different styles of shoes like these sandals for summer, they also make caaaauteeee diaper bags for mama. I am a HUGE fan of backpack diaper bags because they don’t swing off your shoulder and spill everywhere like normal ones. These backpack diaper bags are also cool enough that Dad wouldn’t mind wearing for a while.

$60 might seem like a lot to spend on a pair of shoes for babies or toddlers, BUT if you buy a pair you can color coordinate with a lot of their wardrobe and is a half size larger than their foot, the leather has such a nice quality you can get a lot of wear out of them, pass them down to your next kids, or resell them online. Freshly Picked also has sales every few months, and at those times, you can get moccs for $45. I tend to buy a neutral pair for the kids and then during the sales get more moccasins in larger sizes so the kids can wear them as they grow. There is also this amazing new membership program that gives many benefits.

The benefits to becoming a Fringe member are:

-20% off site wide, including items that are already on sale, new releases, and DIAPER BAGS!!!
-Early access
-Free shipping
-$10 monthly credit

Because we are such supporters of the Freshly Picked business, we’ve teamed up to work together and give my followers extra savings. In addition to the sweet deals available by joining this program, everyone that uses code: amanda5 to sign up will receive their first month free or $10 off their yearly membership. Ummmmm, yes please! This is an incredible deal for all mocc loving mamas. I am SO excited about it because it’s such good savings which I need with my growing family. You can check out FRINGE by clicking here. Please let me know if you do decide to join the program! I would love to hear about your opinons of it.