Reflecting on my Beautycounter Journey

It blows my mind, thinking about the difference in my life two years ago to today. I had just started blogging and was a few years into my health journey. Finances were not great but improving from our lowest point and I was constantly wondering what could I do to provide financially for my family. At the same time, this gorgeous little blonde lady, named Christi Hucks, kept sending me private messages on my social media telling me that I would make a wonderful voice for the Beautycounter mission and I kept completely disregarding her. I just couldn’t make the connection that Christi was dangling my “sign” right in front of my face.

It look me months of financial struggle, personal turmoil and questioning my life before I realized that I needed to quit saying “no” and just say “yes!” I was buying the products anyway and I justified joining as a consultant as “well, I could just use this to get a 25% off discount on things that I am paying for anyway.” I didn’t reach out to my friends and family about using it nor did I try to talk to anyone about it when I was face to face. After talking with my other wonderful mentor, Olga Thorn, a few months after joining as consultant, she casually dropped how much she made that month as a consultant and I fell out of my chair. I joined a few other MLM companies for the discount and I actually tried working the business side but the result was busting my butt for little result. I now like to tell other people that have this fear that “those  paychecks pay for my products and Beautycounter pays for my bills!”

Last month, I reached the highest rank that I have ever reached in Beautycounter. I promoted to Senior Director. What this means is that I have a team of ladies under me and our sales together are over $25,000 a month. That is absolutely mind blowing to me! We are all very busy women with other full time and very successful jobs. We all work this business with our kids climbing all over us and every single one of us are making a social impact while making an income. I recently paid off all of the debt that I accumulated in college and my Beautycounter check pays all our utility bills, groceries and a down payment for our new house. I never imagined in a million years that I would be making almost 5 figures being at home with my kids. When I say that Beautycounter is a blessing for me, I truly mean that.

This company takes care of their consultants like none other and really motivate us to hit our goals. For example, I reached a promotion of Director for four months and I earned a $2,000 bonus ON TOP OF my monthly paycheck. I mean, who wouldn’t like to get that type of reward for working hard? I want to shout from the rooftops how big of a life changing experience this could be for someone who, like me, wants to provide for their family, share life changing information with the world or just wants a discount on amazing products.

I am also linking a previous post that I wrote a few months ago. This post really breaks down my most asked Beautycounter questions. I would LOVE to help you get started with your Beautycounter journey, please reach out to me with any questions that you have!