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Pretty in Pink and Unicorn Dreams

pajamas | bed linens

When we moved into this house, I knew I wanted to do two things. Have Nolan and Harper sleep in their own rooms and also for Scarlet Reese to become potty trained. Derrek and I told Nolan that we would get him Fortnite if he slept in his room and he rocked that and now sleeps in his own bed. Harper and Scarlet Reese are harder to bribe. hahaha, because that’s exactly what we did. We negotiated with the little people.

We have always let them sleep with us but it’s getting crowded as they get bigger. Harper was convinced by Nolan (man, you gotta love having a big brother) that there are monsters in her room. She is a tough cookie to crack. After buying her a night light, reading her several books and laying with her until she falls asleep… I was at my whits end of what to do to get her to sleep in her bed. I finally asked her what it would take. She told me really cool pajamas and pink sheets. DONE!

Derrek and I have always had our linens from Linens and Hutch. I found their brand a few years ago and really loved the quality. Our bed is very important to us so having soft sheets that are durable are important to us. We have the white sheet set from Linens and Hutch but we bought the pink set from their store for the girl’s room. I LOVE IT and so do the girls. It matches the color of their walls so perfectly. I am going to add more princess items as I find them, do you know of somewhere with chic’ princess decor? Head over to their website to shop and use this code: LITTLESOUTHERNWIFE for 30% off. 

Scarlet Reese always loves whatever Harper loves… to the point that she basically copies anything Harper does. It’s so cute and I am glad that it doesn’t bother Harper. She wants Scarlet Reese with her 24/7 and they LOVE it when they are dressed alike. A few weeks ago, someone suggested the Little Sleepie’s brand for great pajamas so I let Harper take a look. She quickly picked out the unicorn pink pair. I cannot blame her. They are BEYOND CUTE and soft. She has done so well with sleeping in her big girl bed. We are very proud of her and are so happy that we were able to “bribe” her.

Have ya’ll had success gifting your littles something for potty training or sleeping in their own beds? I would love to hear more!