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Palm Beach Outfit Inspo

Hey ya’ll! I am so excited about this blog because I have had so many questions about the outfits that I wore in Palm Beach. As you know, I love a good outfit, it really does change my entire attitude. When I feel great in an outfit it just radiates from the inside out. A good quote from Gregg Renfrew, our CEO and founder that she shared during the trip, “when I have to speak in front of people I always make sure I feel confident and one of those ways is by wearing an outfit that makes me feel good about myself.” I LOVE THIS because it’s so true. I felt like my confidence sky rockets when I wear clothes that I love and feel make look beautiful. I made sure to pack tons of options for this trip but at the end of the day, I only wore a handful and ya’ll loved them as much as I did.

The first day that we were in Palm Beach was kind of taken away from me via flight delays. I planned on getting to the Breaker resort early so I could hang out by the pool in one of their cabanas. By the time I got there, it was time to change and go to dinner. I wore this cute little outfit from Pieces Boutique to a local Mexican restaurant. It screams “girls night out” and it was actually quite comfortable. I ended up taking this light grey jacket to wear over it since it was very windy that night.

The next day, we had training with our corporate staff and I knew that we would be in a conference room for several hours. This to me means I need something comfortable to wear that is going to keep me warm during the training session. I am obsessed with Vici Collection and I order from them probably way more than I should. I ordered this wrap dress back when they had a sale and unfortunately they are sold out. BUT they are releasing new spring outfits so this the perfect time to check out their website and snag a few before they sell out. I try to link all of my Vici items asap but they sell out so quickly sometimes it is hard to do so.

After training, we are able to have free time and most of us chose to lounge by the pool. I was actually able to lounge by the pool for two days which was AMAZING. This mama really enjoyed being kidless because I am normally in the water being splashed in the face and running around after the kids. I am just going to be completely transparent and share that my midsection is not where I wanted it to be for this trip. So that’s why you didn’t catch me in a bikini. I am obsessed with this two piece high waisted black bathing suit from Cupshe. Not only is it so gorgeous but it hugs all the right places. Ya’ll wouldn’t believe that it’s actually on sale and under $40! I can’t get over it. Head to the Cupshe website and snag it before it’s gone.

That night, we had a sit down dinner and then a dance party. I knew that whatever I was wearing for this event needed to be comfortable because I had waited for this night for a whole year. I never get to have a girls night and go out and dance and I knew that we would have the opportunity to do that at this event. Ya’ll, I had a blast and this dress was so gorgeous and comfortable it was perfect to dance in. If you have an event that you need a stylish but comfortable dress go snag this one before it sells out on the Vici Dolls website. It is silky and fits in all the right places. It even has little slits in the sides that make it twirl worthy, haha.

The last night of the trip, we had a formal event on a yacht. Yes ya’ll… A YACHT! It was such a once in a lifetime experience, I am still in shock that we experienced that level of extravagance. For this event, we were told to wear black tie attire so I went on the hunt for a formal dress. Ya’ll, I never go anywhere this dressy and it was very much so out of my comfort zone. I searched for weeks looking for a gorgeous gown that wouldn’t break the bank. I seriously considered doing Rent the Runway but I didn’t want to take a chance at them not fitting and being what I wanted to wear on the trip. So where did I turn? My go to… the Vici Dolls website and it didn’t disappoint. My dress was less than $70. UMMMMMM WHAT? Yes! It was a steal! The best part is at the event everyone was so obsessed with it and couldn’t believe it wasn’t several hundred dollars. Goodness, it’s crazy to me that it didn’t cost that as well.

As ya’ll can tell, I did the majority of my shopping at Vici but I did find outfits from other stores. I loved everything that I packed and styled and obviously ya’ll did too! This makes me feel like I did a good job at my vacation wear. Let me know what you think in the comments of this blog.