Nontoxic Period Products That Perform!

Alright ladies, lets talk about that Aunt that we all get visits from but we really don’t love… let’s talk about Aunt Flo. YES, for those of you that like actual names, I am talking about our menstrual periods. That “fun” time once a month that we show how amazing a females body is. I mean, what man could bleed for days and not freak out? Not many! I’ve shared natural forms of birth control (why I choose not to use the pill) and ways to deal with those dreadful cramps that occur but I haven’t talked in-depth about an important topic: non toxic pads, liners, tampons – and what is this Diva Cup thing that I’ve seen all over Instagram?

Over 85% of women who menstruate use tampons and for this reason, we all need to be aware of the dangers they bring. It’s not as simple as just inserting and going about your day, a single tampon is manufactured with hundreds of chemicals in the fibers, especially when you add in that “fresh” scent. You can read more about what is in conventional tampons and how it really affects your health by clicking here. But your concern shouldn’t stop there. Pads and liners can carry just as many toxins as a tampon.

After finding out all the details about how toxic mainstream tampons, pads and liners are, I went on a hunt to find safe alternatives. Grove has been a huge help in this department. I order from Grove once a month for diapers and cleaning products and saw feminine care products on their website when I went to place my monthly order. I snagged the Cora organic tampons, Seventh Generation organic cotton tampons with an applicator and Natracare panty liners and super pads. I ordered so many so that I could test the different brands and see what worked best for me.

I loved all of the options that I picked up except the Seventh Generation organic cotton tampons with the applicator. It felt like I had sandpaper in my hands and the applicator really hurt every time I had to change the tampon. Those are a no go for me. Everything else worked great and I try to stay stocked with my monthly Grove order but if I ever do forget to order, I am glad to say that I found a good brand at Target. L. Organic Cotton Tampons are my second favorite to buy, but they are a little higher of a price point.

Next on the list for safe feminine products are Diva Cups. I’ve been asked many, many times about them but I’ve never used one. Because I strive to be authentic and share only about items I use, I was hesitant to share anything about menstrual cups because I had no first hand experience. When I was thinking about putting together this blog, I mentioned it to my friend and I found out she uses a Diva Cup! I asked her some questions and did a little bit of research and this is what I learned. There are MANY menstrual cups on the market, most are made of medical grade silicone unless otherwise noted, all different shapes, width sizes, and length sizes.

Diva Cup has three sizes:
Model 0: For use in ladies 18 and under, new to the world of periods.
Model 1: For use in ladies between the ages of 19-30 with medium-flow.
Model 2: For use in ladies over 30, with heavier flow, or who have given birth vaginally.

Users can wear the cup for up to twelve hours before needing to remove, empty, and rinse/wash it. My friend said insertion and removal are easy, but there is a definite learning curve. She watched this video on how to insert and remove it and prefers to use the “push down” fold option for insertion. When you get the proper size and insert it with the perfect seal, there are absolutely no leaks!

Because most of the cups on the market are made of medical grade silicone, there are no hidden chemicals or fragrances to be concerned about. Another benefit is there is essentially a “one-time” investment meaning you can reuse your cup for about a year before replacement is recommended so you don’t have to constantly buy tampons, pads, and liners each month!
If you are interested in learning more about if a menstrual cup is right for you or which cup would be best for you there is an awesome quiz here.

Have you researched the ingredients in tampons before? I’m also interested to hear your experience with a menstrual cup if you’ve used one! I enjoyed sharing this topic with y’all, and if you have any other questions please feel free to email me!