Non-toxic at home spa experience

My favorite way to unwind after a long day is to take a bath. It’s (usually – ha!) the time that I have completely to myself and can just soak in the tub and relax. I like to pretend I’m at the spa and create my own spa experience at home with bath salts, bath oils, and bath bombs.

Bath products, more often than not, contain a crazy amount of fragrance to make them smell the way they do, but through research I was able to find some that don’t irritate my skin and still give me at that at-home spa experience that I’m looking for.


Non-toxic candles – I’ve been loving these candles lately not only because they smell amazing, but they are hand poured pure essential oil candles made in small batches with a blend of 100% all natural ingredients. The candles give off an amazing aroma without over powering the space with their smell and deliver traditional aromatherapy benefits.

Herbal bath tea – Have you heard of an herbal bath tea before? I hadn’t until recently and it’s truly amazing for so many reasons. The one’s I’ve been using are made from 100% natural ingredients and my favorite part… they are plastic free and are compostable! The bath tea gently infuses your bath with vitamins and minerals which hydrates skin and relaxes mind and body. Add one tea bag to a warm bath, let botanicals steep, soak and recharge and then after your bath, simply toss the used bag in the compost!

Bath oils – My favorite everyday bath oils come from House of Medicinals though I’ve seasonally, currently been using the Beautycounter Good Scents Bath Oil Trio holiday set. Bath oils truly give you that spa experience feeling with their amazing scents and the way their nourish and hydrate the skin.

Bath bombs – my FAVORITE bath bombs come from my friend, Bridget. Her company, Bubble by Bridget, not only has the cutest bath bombs for all occasions, but also have the best ingredients of any bath bomb I’ve ever tried.

Salt Soaks – my very favorite bath salt soaks also come from Bridget. She has them available in eucalyptus and lavender + ylang and they are both amazing. Not only are Pink Himalayan and Dead Sea salts a staple for relieving tired muscles and promoting relaxation, they are also known to stimulate circulation and calm skin irritations. Some Ayurvedic practitioners recommend them as part of routine bath rituals to release negative toxins and elevate the body’s vibration and, just as Bridget says, I think we can all use a vibration stimulation these days! 

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Another thing I always have in my bath (that’s not nearly as glamorous but just as, if not more important) is a bath water filter. Why? Because there are additives in our city tap water that can cause skin irritation. This was something I never thought about until we moved. When we moved into our new home I had not put the shower filters on our showers yet and I took a shower as normal. When I got out, I was itching like crazy and I couldn’t figure out why. I had not changed any products and then I thought to look on the EWG tap water database to see if it could be the water. And IT WAS! I was shocked! Using a water filter is great for many reasons and I can say it really does make a huge difference in clearing my psoriasis. I love the Crystal Quest water filters. I’ve used them for years and they really help my skin greatly! Find out what else I do to keep my skin happy and my psoriasis flares away in this post.