411 on Bluelight

Have you ever heard of blue light? I am going to assume no because until recently I had no idea what it was myself! Blue light comes from the sun, as well as LED lights and digital device screens. People today are exposed to more blue light than ever. Blue light suppresses our body’s release of melatonin, which helps regulate our sleep cycles. More of it during the day helps us to stay awake, and less of it at night makes us sleep better. The problem is that with digital screens at work, home and school, there are more sources of blue light than ever. Most American’s daily screen time is 7.4 hours A DAY! Isn’t that wild when you really think about it?

The big question that everyone needs to start asking is “can blue light be harmful?” The answer is yes! Doctors have linked blue light exposure to: vascular degeneration – can be caused by chronic exposure to blue light, eye strain – direct result of prolonged screen time, insomnia – too much can throw off your sleep pattern. The disruption in your sleep schedule can leave you distracted and impair your memory the next day. Over time, not being able to get the right amount of sleep produces a neurotoxin build up that makes it harder for you to get good sleep.

How can you protect against blue light?
-Limit the amount of screen time, especially for children. There are electronic devices that have the blue light screen option when watching.
-Cut back on screen time before bed. I try for at least an hour, if not more before bedtime.
-protect your eyes with blue light blocking lensed glasses. I purchased these a few months ago and I can tell a big difference in my vision. Wearing them has also helped with the headaches I would get after long periods of screen time.

Do you know how much blue light you’re coming into contact with everyday? Take the time to think about it over the next few days and share your findings.