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I feel like I say this every week, but wow another week has already flown by! I guess this back-to-school-it’s-almost-fall-and-time-to-have-a-baby season can’t last forever. This really has been the best pregnancy so far, it’s been the least crazy and easiest on me personally (I can’t vouch for the rest of the fam, haha). I hate that it’s almost over!

For all the women that are currently pregnant or had a baby, I want you to be gentle with yourselves. It’s a magical thing to grow another human being in your body. Not gonna lie, this is probably the biggest I’ve been with any of my pregnancies because I still had not lost all of my Mercy baby weight (oops.) BUT, it’s. all. good. Every time I catch myself making a statement about a place of my body that’s changed and it’s not positive I make myself say a positive. I’ve got three little girls that are watching me, and I want them to love their bodies now and then later one day in life when they have babies of their own. I cannot talk negatively about my body in front of them so I’m not going to do it alone either.

One of the most important things I’ve learned to do is dress the way that I want to feel. I know this isn’t a must for other people but it really does make me feel beautiful when I am wearing something put together and not my comfy t-shirt and pj shorts that I lounge around the house in. For this reason, I’ve stuck to my tried and true body con dresses through my pregnancies. Ingrid and Isabel has made it super easy for me and every other pregnant mama out there by creating them in every color of the rainbow. Legit, ALL OF THEM, I’ve worn these dresses! The quality is like nothing that I’ve purchased even non maternity. I’ve worn through all the seasons and they are so easy to style and change up with a kimono, jacket or cardigan.

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