Kindergarten Toolkit Review

I’ve been looking for ways to teach Nolan while he is at home with me. He will start kindergarten next year and I wanted to jump start his learning and get him excited about going to school. The hardest part about teaching your children is the preparation involved with the lessons. Forcing your child to learn is one of the worst ways to go about introducing them to lessons so I have been searching for some fun activities for us to do together. When Kindergarten Toolkit reached out to me about trying their learning package, I jumped at the opportunity! I received this product free for review, all opinions remain my own.  After we opened our toolkit package I was so impressed with everything that came with it. This method was created by a former kindergarten teacher turned WAHM of three boys, so to say she knows a little about the subject is an understatement.

It’s hard for me to explain how amazing this toolkit has been in our learning journey. Within days of practicing, Nolan already knows new numbers, colors, shapes and words. I introduce a few things at a time and then I let him play at the end of each lesson as he sees fit. What you get is a booklet with mini lessons that support each of the 10 kindergarten goals, flash cards with shapes, letters, numbers and words, and white board with a pen. Each goal is concentrated on a specific skill , so you don’t double guess yourself, wondering if the activity that you found on Pinterest is appropriate for your child’s developmental stage or not. It’s really easy to use by any parent, and it gives you 3 to 4 different activities for each goal. That’s over 40 different lessons, plus some sanity saving ideas for activities while you’re on the go.

Nolan has a 30 minute learning session Monday – Friday and each lesson we focus on a different activity. This helps him stay focused, not get overwhelmed and learn something new every day. We have been working a lot on counting and learning what the numbers look like this week. I find that by guiding him through the lesson then letting him have a little space at the end works best for his learning style. He is very independent so letting him “teach” himself at the end gives him more confidence.

We take what we learn from our lessons and apply them to every day moments in our days. He might count the eggs we get out to cook for breakfast, tell me what colors are on the gas pump when I put gas in my car or tell me what letter a world starts with that we see while we’re outside. I try and keep it interesting so he doesn’t get bored and so far he gets super excited when it’s time to do his lesson. I highly suggest getting a Kindergarten Toolkit for your little learners and enjoy seeing their progress as they learn something new every day. It has really been a bright light in our days since the cold weather has us cooped up inside. I know that as the weather changes we will move this activity outside and enjoy the learning process in Mother nature!

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