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How I Support My Digestion and Gut Health
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How I Support My Digestion and Gut Health

Let’s face it, digestion and gut health are hot topics right now, and rightfully so. 

I’m sure you’ve heard at least one person talking about “gut health” as it is a term that is quickly increasing among the medical and food industry. The “gut” refers to your gastrointestinal (GI) system and more specifically, the term relates to the health of multiple aspects within that system such as the effective digestion and absorption of food, the absence of GI related illnesses, normal intestinal bacteria, and effective immunity. This PubMed article says that, “any impairment of the GI barrier can increase the risk of developing infectious, inflammatory and functional GI diseases, as well as extraintestinal diseases such as immune-mediated and metabolic disorders.” So it is important that we take care of our gut!

To understand how we can best support our gut health, it is helpful to how the gut works. Essentially, when your GI system digests your food it is breaking down the food into small usable parts in which the most valuable nutrients are absorbed through the walls of the GI tract and transported through the bloodstream. The gut uses nerves (ENS), bacteria, and hormones to facilitate this process. Good digestive health is a result of a balance of good and bad bacteria, which can also affect more that just your digestion. What else can it affect? Well, when your gut is healthy, your mood and immune system are also positively affected!

The Enteric Nervous System (ENS) that regulates our gut is often called the body’s “second brain.” There are approximately 100 million nerve cells lining your gastrointestinal tract which makes up the Enteric Nervous System and it primarily governs digestion. This article also states, “The ENS can also produce neurochemicals, like dopamine and serotonin, which can impact mood and mental health. New research suggests there could be a link to memory and thinking skills.” And the PubMed article from above makes note that, “GI infections, oral administration of antibiotics and chronic diseases such as IBS are clearly associated with … functional changes in the ENS, which emphasizes its role…” We take care of our brain so why wouldn’t we do the same for our “second brain?”

One of the ways I am aiding in my digestion and gut health is by incorporating Digestive Nano Jellies into my wellness routine. The ingredients help promote healthy digestion and gut health so taking them before you enjoy a meal can really change how your body is able to break down and absorb your food. As I mentioned above, your body’s ability to breakdown nutrients is vital to the overall effectiveness of your GI system.

The “Nano” in Nano Jellies are organic nano-enhanced hemp flower terpenes. Nano-enhancing is important because the digestive tract is moist and watery, and everyone knows oil & water don’t mix. So when you swallow an oil-based CBD product, it can stay in bigger droplet sizes, which means most of the CBD molecules are hidden and inaccessible until fully digested. When you take a Nano Jelly, the terpenes have been made itty bitty so that they absorb better! Higher absorption is important because the terpenes:

✔️Show great anti-inflammatory properties 

✔️Are antioxidant 


✔️And antifungal

Most importantly, the terpenes aid in the “entourage effect” when used with CBD.

Want to increase the effectiveness of your GI system and support your ENS? Try these! Grab them with $10 off + 20% off your total with my link.

I would love to know, what have you incorporated into your routine for you gut health? I am always looking for suggestions and I enjoy hearing from you!