How Can You Advocate For Your Health This Year?

So many people are looking for ways to take control of their health and I am here for it. This is moment I’ve been waiting for to be honest because this is something that will changes lives in so many positive ways. The choice of advocating for your own health isn’t always the easiest and most (like myself) only do so after something has happened in their life to force them to make a change. My force was having debilitating headaches everyday and only after I eliminated fragrance in my home (laundry, body, and air fresheners) did they get better. Here are the things that helped guide me through the transition and really leaning into a new world. Before this time, I had never thought twice about my choices so I really had to embrace all the change.

How can you advocate for your health this year by making a commitment to yourself?

1. SCHEDULE IT- Good things don’t come to people who just sit and wait for them. They come to people who plan the time to focus on them. The biggest change I had to make in this period was introducing NEW things into my routine. This isn’t something that I naturally do so I had to take it a step farther and get outside help via the calendar on my phone, my planner and a lot of conversations with my husband. As a busy mom and wife, I cannot just magically make things happen at this point in my life without it being scheduled and really talked through with Derrek. The support of my husband really does make a difference for the better.

2. RESEARCH IT – I cannot say this enough. At this point, if you’re leaning outside of the medical model, you are your own advocate. Good for you! It’s not easy but there are so many wonderful books and educated people that you can lean into until you feel more comfortable. Whatever avenue you’re pursuing when it comes to transitioning to a healthier lifestyle, put some time learning about why it’s important to make the swap, how to do it without getting overwhelmed and what you want your end result to be. Everyone is different and you should start in a place that makes you feel most comfortable.

3. READ MORE BOOKS – Let’s bring reading back. Can we make it a thing? I know life is BUSY but audiobooks are the easiest way for me to get my reading in at this point in life, although many years at the local library makes me love my hardcover books. When I began began my journey, I started by learning from people like Dr. Josh Axe, Dr. Anthony Williams. Those two introduced me to the basics and also a few other helpful accounts to follow.

4. FOLLOW EDUCATIONAL ACCOUNTS – No, I do not put all of my faith in the internet but I do find helpful tips, encouragement and community by following accounts that provide value in the area I’m wanting to learn more about or lean into. I have so many educational accounts that I follow but Dr. Mercola’s is one of the best of them out there. I recommend using the search feature to find accounts that are related to the areas you’re focusing on in your life.

5. GIVE YOURSELF GRACE – Your health is worth the swap to safer and I know that you can do it. Don’t let it overwhelm you, let each small step empower and inspire you! Ask yourself, “What’s one thing I can start doing at this exact moment?”

Let’s step into our own power this year and advocate for ourselves through the choices we make in our own lives. Make sure to subscribe to my newsletter for bite sized information on how to make your transition not overwhelming.