Hair Appointment with Jonathan Steward

Last week, my super talented and hilarious friend Jonathan Steward made a house call to fix my hair. I am so thankful that he took the time to travel out to our house to work on my hair because me getting to the salon at this point just isn’t happening. I can only travel so far with Nolan in school and Harper and Scarlet Reese in tow. I hadn’t had my hair fixed since early June and it was a complete train wreck. I am actually quite embarrassed about my before pictures that I am posting in this blog so y’all take it easy on me. As much as I love the grey blonde look, every time I have had it done, it has faded within a few washes leaving me with a bright platinum blonde and not very attractive roots as its grown out. I decided to let Jonathan take the reigns on my hair color and sent him several options that I liked. He picked this one and it turned out fabulous. I wanted a color that I wouldn’t have to constantly keep up with because I realistically cannot travel to the salon every month! I do have one more session with him booked to bring the top color down a little more but all in good timing! Jonathan was kind enough to answer some questions that y’all have asked me several times. Read below to hear all about it!

1) What did you do to my hair?
I created a shadowed root utilizing your natural to blend with your blonde, creating a much softer look and blending both your blonde and natural. I also glossed your hair with a cool based tone to try and eliminate some of the brassy bands you had in your hair.

2) What else do we need to do the complete look?
After creating the shadow root the next step is to lift out some of the banding (brassy banding) that the gloss did not eliminate. So I will use a gentle oil lightener to lift out the banding and then gloss with a cool tone.

I also will bring down your natural shadow root down a bit more to create just a little bit of more contrast and softness and balayage more low lights through out the hair- this will give a busy mom like yourself longer wait time for touch ups.

Also trim your ends, give you awesome long rounded layers.

3) What are your favorite hair trends for this year?
Heading into fall…

Flamboyage- Term for ombre and balayage hair styles.
Results is a brightened yet lived in natural look.

Nude hair- This is a healthy balance between cool and warm tones basically making things neutral (bonus) it is flattering on any skin tone depending on level of hair color.

Rose Gold- This fashion color is going to be a huge hit this fall/winter! A pink hinted blonde. I think it can brighten up your entire look even without makeup!

Buttery Blonde- Now that fall is approaching everyone wants to go (dark) instead of coloring your beautiful blonde up with brown how about tint it back with a more warmer rich blonde. (think buttery beige rather than icy blonde)

Color Melting- Color melting is a new technique that creates a multidimensional effect. This technique allows multiple tones to melt together to produce that creates a natural look that reflect different tones of light seamlessly.

RED- So lets get away from the garnet and the burgundy and lets talk RED… This fall is a more natural copper based red. It is that happy place with red between fire engine red and orange red.

Shadow Roots- At last a trend that fits perfect for busy women! This technique gives you purposeful roots and lets your natural grow in while still looking trendy!

Flattering Naturals- getting trendy is always fun to do with your hair, but this is a technique that flatters your skin tone as well as undertone! This is a trend that never goes out of style.

4) What is your favorite hair trend this year?
Wow, it is SO hard to choose a favorite!

I love the softer buttery blonde look on clients. This just gives a more natural and subtle look. A lot of my clients come in with the (icy blonde) idea but I change their mind if their undertone is to warm because it conflicts with each other instead of complimenting each other.

I LOVE SHADOW ROOTS! This is an awesome new trend that a lot of my clients are loving! Either they are busy or a college student or that cannot afford to see me every 6-8 weeks it is perfect! I love the fact that it blends out nicely and looks trendy without having to do any lifting to the hair.

5) What are your favorite hair products?
So many to choose from. But I am in a salon that carrys the most top end products. Kerestase And Shu Uemura. I always tell my clients…. ( PRIME, STYLE, FINISH)

Shu Uemura: Wonder worker is an amazing primer… it is an (air dry or blow dry perfecter) protects hair from heat and UV
Kerastase: discipline fluidissime spray…. I LOVE THIS this is a must have for people with thick hair and have frizz issues (protects from heat and UV)

-to create volume at the roots Shu Uemura Ample Angora Moose is amazing! It is also heat protector and protects from the Humanity.
-to have a long lasting finish for your blow dry kerastase forme fatale is amazing it is a strong hold cream that holds your style and you cannot feel it in your hair!

For that fabulous finish look after styling hair Shu Uemura (Touch of Gloss) is AMAZING it reduces frizz and adds ample amount of shine.

6) How often do you suggest washing your hair?
I do not suggest washing your hair every day! even if a client says “I have fine and greasy hair, I have to shampoo every day.” NEGATIVE! Your hair needs to create its natural Sebum (oil) therefore you need to not shampoo every day. Depending on the actions of a clients sebaceous glands (glands that produce oil)… if there are over active glands shampoo every other day… if under active glands at least every third day… there are some that I will say they can go at least 4 days just depending on the action of the Sebaceous Glands.

7) How often should I get my hair trimmed?
I like to book my clients at least for 8-10 weeks for their trim. (statistically hair grows 1/4 – 1/2 an inch per month) and a reminder a trim is necessary because split ends do not just stay at the end they grow up the hair shaft making your hair look worse. So, a healthy (dusting) is key if you want healthy hair.

8) What are your favorite brushes?
Hands down, the WET BRUSH by Bosley, it is amazing for de-tangling hair! To brush your hair and not have a brush full of hair, this brush is the best! You will be shocked and amazed and will never turn back. For styling, I like a mixture of Nylon and Boar bristle Brush. For volume, use a round brush and remember to always use a section as wide as the brush you are using. FYI, I always tell clients to rough dry their hair to about 80% then start sectioning out their hair for a round brush blow out. ALWAYS use a concentrator attachment on the end of the dryer… this will reduce frizz and dry the hair faster!

If you are in South Carolina, you have got to make an appointment with Jonathan at Urban Nirvana! Tell him that I sent you and tell me about your hair experience afterwards! I can’t wait to see what magic he works on you.