Enbrigten LED Lights and Smart Plugs have given our Patio a new look!

This post is sponsored by Enbrighten, but all opinions are my own.

Hey, Y’all! I hope you are enjoying the beginning of fall as much as we are! We still have pretty high temperatures during the day, but at night it cools off to a really nice temperature for us to chill outside on our patio! As you know, this area has been a work in progress for us all summer and I am really proud of how it’s turned out!

You all know how much I am always preaching about “dating your spouse” so it should come as no surprise that we are always finding little moments to sneak away from the kids. One of our favorite places to relax at home is our back patio! We have been enjoying it a lot more lately because we installed our Enbrighten Wifi Smart Plugs and Cafe Lights outside. If you haven’t used these products, I highly suggest you give them a try!

The Enbrighten Outdoor Smart Plugs are probably the most futuristic gadgets we have in our home. The Enbrighten Wifi Smart Plugs are compatible with your WiFi network and allow you to control any of the many devices you may have in your home. How? Simple. All you need to do grab the smart plugs then download the Enbrighten app available in the Apple App Store and Google Play. Once you do this, the user-friendly app will allow you to control any of the connected lights and devices in your home! We are always using the app to turn the lights on when we are not home for an added security feature in the house. We have them plugged in both indoor and outdoor to control our patio lights and Alexa Dot. One of my favorite things about the Enbrighten Indoor Smart Plugs is that I can plug my curling iron into them and I never have to worry about burning my house down. I can simply turn the device off from the app on my phone.

When we are outside, we use the Enbrighten app to control our patio lights to create the perfect ambiance. We can easily change the color of the lights to either white or colored depending on our mood. We have an outdoor Alexa Dot as well that we control the lights with as well. A simple “Alexa, turn on the lights” has our patio glowing immediately. You have the choice of 16 different colors to choose from and the lights come with a lifetime warranty. You can set the lights on a timer, adjust the dimmer, and schedule the lights to come on when you’re not home with the say to use Enbrighten app.

We love these lights because they are energy-efficient, shatterproof, and we are able to connect multiple strings all around the patio with only one needing to be plugged in. They have been a game-changer and I know that you are going to love them just as much as we do! It’s so nice to just relax on the patio and be able to control the lighting and our music with these super cool products! Enbrighten has a TON of awesome lighting products and I encourage you to check them all out here online or at your local Lowe’s! https://bit.ly/32UcUrc