Benefits of Walking

I’ll be honest with y’all… I haven’t been working out hard like I was at the beginning of my pregnancy. I *try* to make it to the gym a handful of times a week but I’ve just had a few issues with my blood sugar that arrose after working out so my midwife suggested I take it easy for a bit. I am someone who thrives off of physical exercise and really loves the way it makes me feel so I haven’t completely stopped but just shifted my focus to walking every single day.

There are so many amazing health benefits of walking that it’s hard to just talk about one. I love how walking really does benefit you from top to bottom with health benefits. If you walk an hour a day you’ll walk 1000 miles in 12 months. Walking is the most free form of exercise and will help you especially if you’re outdoors when you do it. This is how I started my weight loss journey when I was a broke college student. Walking is ridiculously simple, astonishingly powerful, scientifically proven by study after study. Sneaking in a few minutes a day can transform your health, body and mind.

Here are some of my favorite benefits of walking:

  1. increases your creativity
  2. boosts immune function
  3. increases productivity
  4. improves digestion
  5. improves memory
  6. strengthens muscles
  7. uplifts mood
  8. strengthens bones
  9. reduces stress
  10. reduces risk of diabetes
  11. helps produce vitamin D
  12. improves circulation
  13. delays aging
  14. fights cancer
  15. increases lung capacity
  16. regulates blood pressure
  17. prevents dementia
  18. aids weight loss
  19. improves heart health
  20. reduces stroke risk in women