Bathroom DIY Update

Ya’ll! I’ve wanted to update the bathroom in our home since the moment we moved in. Dark flooring is just not my thing, I love whites and light grey and a LITTLE pop of color here and there. Neutral and natural is my thing… so our bathroom has always clashed with my personality. Over the quarantine I decided on a whim to order floor tiles and DIY the floor in our bathroom. It wasn’t easy and took a longer period of time since shipping times have been delayed (what would have been a simple weekend thing took WEEKS because of delayed shipments of the floor tiling) but I LOVE IT!

Derrek and I know that we want to build a new home in a few years so we don’t want to invest very much into this home unless it will cause the market value to go up. We are going to get new flooring throughout this house before we list it thanks to a recommendation from our realtor but I was itching for an update back in March of this year. I’ve seen a lot of DIY flooring updates that required painting and stenciling but I’m just going to be real, my DIY skill level isn’t that high.

I like updates but I’m not Joanna Gaines. For this reason, I choice to try peel and stick floor tiling. I really love the way it turned out… you basically start in the middle of your room and work your way out. There is cutting involved and honestly that was the hardest part. The tiles are too thick to cut with regular scissors and I used box cutters instead. Some places aren’t perfect but it wasn’t meant for a long term update. The pattern I went with was a neutral but they do make several different kinds that you can decide on for your home decor. I also added in peel and stick subway tiling around the bathtub itself and WOW that bright update really does change the bathroom.

The subway tiling was a bit more challenging because you have to overlap them to connect them and it kept sticking to the wall when I was trying to line up the connecting pieces. Shew, the subway tile around the bathtub took me LONGER than the bathroom flooring, can you believe it? It is water repellant so it’s perfect for our tub area. I have also seen where people have used it around their kitchen as a beautiful backsplash!

If you have a bathroom, mud room or kitchen area you want updating I really do suggest peel and stick! I’ve had these up for a few months now and they are so cute. I did add in a little stand to house our bath soaps and a hanging pothos plant for a little pop of color and you can do the same in your space! Both are easy and less expensive updates that make a big statement in any area. If you try these, please tag me and share your updates!