7 A.M. Enfant

Hey y’all! I hope you’re having the most amazing day! I’ve teamed up with 7 A.M. Enfant to show how I’ve transitioned through the seasons with my daily walks. Now that the weather is much cooler (this week anyway) in South Carolina, we have been all bundled up and going a little crazy with cabin fever. I’ve vowed to not let the weather get to me and use it as an easy excuse not to work out. It’s really important to me to stay healthy for myself and my family, and the few weeks I was sick, I honestly feel like I felt worse because I wasn’t working out regularly! Thanks to the wonderful Rebecca Campora, a brilliant French designer, I can now take Harper with me on my walks despite the cold temperature. I have been leaving her at home when I go out to exercise, and she gets so upset and doesn’t understand why she cannot be a part of the “fun” outside anymore. As their website says, “always focused on designing accessible lines, Rebecca Campora’s philosophy is to reach parent’s desires and needs by anticipating the trends and movements. Her cutting edge but yet simple vision has reinforced the strong identity of the Brand now highly successful in all continents.” I’ve added their Le sac igloo to our stroller and now Harper snuggles in perfectly during our time outside.

This winter sack has become a favorite of mine and Harper’s. The back has holes for the five-point harnesses to fit through, making it safe for strollers and car-seats. I love how you  can completely unzip the sack once you get inside the car – if you are using it for the carseat! Harper takes it upon herself to nap when I put her in there during my walks, and I love that she feels so cozy that she dozes off for a little while! The faux fur hood can be unzipped to lay flat on the stroller or car-seat, but I love it zipped and hooded when we are out in the elements. The outside is water-repellent while the inside is lined with soft cotton. I also love how there are snaps that I can use to snap the front down over the front bar on our stroller! Harper takes the inside cotton lining and pulls it up around her like a blanket!

If you’re someone who lives in really cold temps with kids, or even if you spend extended time outside in cooler weather, this would be the perfect addition to your lifestyle! Keeping your babies warm while you’re going to and from the car or while you’re just outside enjoying nature is an important aspect that we sometimes easily overlook! the 7 AM Enfant products are designed to help us, as moms, enjoy our day-to-day lives without the stress of cold weather with our kids.

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