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A little love for my biggest love – featuring Colored Organics

It is really important to me to spend time with each of my three children together and individually. Nolan and I recently had the chance to go on a little “date” to pick up a few crafts to do at home and went out to dinner just the two of us. This doesn’t happen as often as I’d like but I am hoping to get better with having a schedule that shows me when I do make individualized time with them. Nolan blows my mind every time I look at him. He is growing by leaps and bounds and I feel like he is catching up to how tall I am and will bypass me in no time. I feel like I just had him and he was laying in my arms skin to skin. His little body felt at one with mine and he was so SOFT. I could drink up that baby magic and I remember it like it was yesterday! It doesn’t seem real that I have a 5 year old! As much as I’d like to stay in the past and remember him as my little newborn, I just have to accept that he isn’t anymore.

He still loves to snuggle, and I can’t tell you how often he comes up to me during the day and wraps his arms around me and just wants me to shower him with my affection. It melts my heart every time he does it and sometimes, he surprises his sisters with his sweetness! Nolan is such a tender soul, it makes me laugh because he is exactly like me. We have a lot of the same mannerisms and react in certain situations the same way. I am in awe that he is my little boy and I am his mama.

anyway, thanks for letting me take a little stroll down memory lane and show ya’ll a glimpse of my heart. He doesn’t always want to partake in our photo sessions and I don’t force him if he doesn’t want to. I’ve talked about Colored Organics clothing many times in the past. It is one of my GO-TO brands for the kids and there are a 101 reasons why! Everything about the brand rocks!

Colored Organics is a 100% sweatshop-free, organic cotton clothing company that makes the best basic clothing for yourself, little boys and girls! This company was also founded by a MOM (you know this excites me!) that was horrified that the children working in sweatshops that produce mainstream clothing are not much older than her own. She started her company, and it now makes clothing with naturally hypoallergenic fabrics that create non-toxic pieces that are colorful, great quality and simplistic. I really enjoy finding SOFT as butter AND simple clothing. I am a no-frills type mom, and my kids wear what I think they wouldn’t be embarrassed about to look back at in photos. I feel like I have washed these clothes a hundred times, BUT the quality that Colored Organics puts into their work shows because they still look and feel brand new! Their summer 2017 line is nothing short of amazing and you’ll be seeing different pieces from it on all of my kids. This is hands down my favorite children’s clothing line for so many reasons! Take a few minutes to check out their story and fall in love with the brand just like I have. I have teamed up with Colored Organic’s to give my followers 25% off their purchase with code: LSW25.