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Why I Keep A “Mom Survival” Bag In My Car

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Have you ever gotten in the car, left the house and heard “mom, I need ______!” and “______” is something you don’t have? It has happened to me more times than I can count. As a mom of five, there is always SOMETHING to be brought with us when we leave our house. Trying to rally 5 kids to leave the house more than likely also causes me to forget things…. which isn’t the best when you decide to leave the safe net of your own house. Until I got smarter than the reoccurring situation and put a curated “mom survival” bag in the back of my car. Now, I never have that sinking feeling and I’m here to share the #momsurvival tip so you don’t either.

Last summer, I FINALLY got my hands on a coveted Bogg Bag and it has really helped me simplify bringing all the things to and from my car – and most specifically on the beach. This mom-invented tote includes useful features like a plastic zipper pouch insert to secure your personal items like a wallet, car keys, or your cell phone. Those features + the fact that you can easily wash it out after a sandy beach trip is why I have drooled over it. We love the beach and being able to throw all the things in the Bogg bag and wash it out later has been a major plus. When I’m not using it on the beach, it stays stationary in the back of my car with my “mom survival” kit.

All moms should have their own version of a “mom survival” kit in their car. Kid’s always need something… the *thing* might be different but there will be something that is needed when you’re in the car. Boom, thanks to your “mom survival” kit you are in luck. What are some of the things I always keep in mine? Check it out:
-diapers + wipes
-snacks (bars + applesauce pouches)
-a blanket
-an umbrella
-water bottles with clean drinking water
-coloring books + crayons

Because Bogg Bags are so sought after, you aren’t going to find them just anywhere. I scored big when I ordered a few dresses for Harper at Shop Hannah Bee’s in Murrell’s Inlet. She has them in stock *limited quantities* so call the store to check inventory and get your own! Use code: LSW10 for 10% off on their website.