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Swap Out: Plastic Bags

As I dive deeper into a non toxic lifestyle, I find myself making changes in ways I never thought of in the beginning. From mattresses to plastic bags, there’s always a way to reduce your toxic load in some way. I am a huge believer in progress over perfection and I just want y’all to know that my health journey is far from complete. I get excited about making small changes because combined, they do make a big impact. Y’all are familiar with some of the ways I have switched to safer and today I’m going to share a new one!

Many of you might have heard of Thirty-One. For those of you that haven’t, let me share more. This is a brand of personalized bags, totes, wallets & more to make it a memorable gift. It is sold through consultants and their online websites. I first heard about this company a few years ago and didn’t understand the excitement…. until I started using their totes. Holy smokes y’all, they are a game changer.

Want to organize your Christmas decor? Use a utility tote! Want to pack for a family vacation? Use a utility tote! Want to keep a bag in the back of your car with all the things you normally need throughout the day? Use a utility tote!

I have also found that you cannot beat these as a beach bag because everything fits perfectly inside of them (towels, Beach toys, sunscreen, snacks) and when you’re home you can wash them out with the water hose and hang to dry! Easiest clean up ever! Since we frequently head to the beach, these have been a lifesaver because of ease. I wouldn’t use any other bag at the beach! The zipper pouches are also another must have at the beach because that’s where I keep our sunscreen, my phone and keys safe.

Now, let’s talk groceries. Though some states are already moving quickly on banning plastic bags, many stores have already begun using no bags (Aldi, SAMS, Costco). Others are giving discounts if you bring-your-own-bag – for example Target gives a 5 Cent discount per bag you bring! Besides saving time for yourself by carrying one bag verses 15 and making 40 trips in and out of the house, the health, environmental, and waste hazard plastic bags cause is unreal! As always, finding a good grocery bag might be a little more of an investment at first but will save you MUCH in the long run! Here are some examples of my Thirty-One bags and thermals we use to shop! Once I unload – I fold them up, and take them right back to my trunk so no matter where I wind up I have a bag ready to go!

Some of my favorites are the following:

• Large Utility Tote
• Deluxe Utility Tote
• Market Thermal
• Essential Tote

So perfect for anyone who needs more ease in their daily life and wants to reduce their toxic load. Click HERE to see the selection they offer and shop. My friend, Jessica, is offering a few deals JUST for my followers as well as the amazing July exclusives. {make sure to click: LITTLE SOUTHERN LIFE party on her website for the specials!} Spend $100+ and receive a FREE gift. Spend $150+ and recieve FREE shipping. Spend $200+ and receive all of the above and you’re entered to win a full sized product! You can’t beat those deals!

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