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Skechers Twinning

Nolan’s shoes | Derrek’s shoes

Nolan has always been his daddy’s shadow. I love their bond! Some of my favorite moments in life are seeing them interact, and as time goes on, Nolan becomes more interested in doing everything exactly like his daddy. He wants to go to work with him, workout with him, go uptown with him, etc.! It’s so cute how he gets really excited anytime he does something like Derrek. When Skechers reached out about sporting some of their performance products, I knew that this would be the perfect opportunity for Nolan to match Derrek! Derrek picked out a pair of the black Skechers sneakers, and Nolan said he wanted the exact same pair so he could “run really fast and workout.” Haha! This kid keeps us on our toes, but at least we laugh a lot! When our shoes came in and he saw that his new footwear is a perfect match to Derrek, he could not stop talking about it! (Seriously, for hours we heard how he was just like his daddy) Now, he takes advantage of any chance he gets to put his “favorite” shoes on and be like Daddy. I love the black and how they can wear them with everything! Derrek says his are super comfortable, and Nolan swears he can run faster than ever and asks us to feel his “very strong muscles!” I’m so happy that having matching shoes with Derrek has made him so happy and Derrek loves his mini-me. Skechers has such a wide selection of sneakers that it’s easy to match your littles! I love looking through all the options on their website because they are all so different. Head over to and see what styles jump out to you!