Recycled Water Bottle Shoes? YUP!

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I cannot believe that 2020 is basically over. I mean, the realization that Thanksgiving is DAYS away made me realize that! From now until the end of the year is such a rush, I’m very thankful that I had the ability to slow down earlier this year when we were forced to. I know not everyone had the same feelings about that time but it really allowed me to focus on my home and my people and what matters.

I also want to make sure that everyone is aware that we need to get our acts together with holiday shopping. This year, the mail will be more backed up than ever and that means very long delays in when you order verses when it shows up. I am also making a conscious effort to stop leaning into Amazon as much and supporting smaller businesses and brands that put people and plant over profit. One of the brands that I’ve come to learn about and love is Rothy’s. They make sustainably crafted and machine washable shoes and bags for women and children. They are also the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn! I have several pairs and these camouflage loafers are hands down my fav! I wear them all the time because of comfort, style and wash them as needed.

I want to spotlight this brand because I want to encourage you to think outside of the box with your gifting and think about supporting brands that take it up a notch. Maybe these aren’t a good price point for your budget so you ask for them as a gift OR use this idea to spring board you to look into other sustainable companies to support! Either way, Rothy’s is def a brand to look into and learn about how they do what they do!

The coolest thing about Rothy’s is that their shoes are made from thread that is spun from repurposed water bottles! Say what?! Yes! They make their shoes out of water bottles that were discarded trash along our nation’s coast lines. They’re also made with Merino Wool that is totally machine-washable on the cold setting! The soles of the shoes are made with eco-friendly rubber or organic vegan leather! They are designed to be worn again and again so whenever they need to be freshened up, just throw them in the wash and they are good as new!

I would encourage all of you to give Rothy’s a try, especially during this holiday season! They have a HUGE collection of women’s and children’s shoes, bags, and more! The ones I’m wearing here are the camo style and they are so versatile I can wear them with almost anything! Here is a link where you can try them and get $20 off your order! I would love to hear how much you love them so let me know what you order! You can even generate your own link to then share with friends!

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