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Olive You – A Letter To my Mini-Me

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Dear Harper,

I cannot believe we are days away from your third birthday. Time has flown by since the first moment I held you in my arms. You entered this world like a hurricane and continue to run circles around me, daily. I call you my little sour patch kid because I never know what I am gonna get when it comes to your sassy self. You could be the sweetest little angel and the most mischievous little one within seconds of each other. You make me laugh and test my patience more than anyone I have ever met. To say you are my mini-me is an understatement. You and I are exactly the same person just born years a part. We spend every second of every day together and I love having you by my side. I can’t imagine life without having to answer your many, many, many questions like “why my toothbrush spins,” “what oils can we use today?” and “where is Ariel in the ocean? I want to visit her.” I learn so much about you and myself. Even so when I have to figure out what angle to approach you with when I know it’s something you don’t want to do or that you’re going to be happy about. Your sass is like none other and you’ve got all of us wrapped. I wouldn’t trade one moment we’ve had singing Disney songs in public restrooms because that’s the only way you’ll go pee, hearing you talk about Darlin and how she is with Jesus, or you “helping” me with my daily tasks. I have enjoyed watching you grow and am in sheer amazement at the things you tell me or do. I can’t wait to see your face at your Little Mermaid party. I love you so much my little sugar bear. You’re my bestest friend. Love always, your Mama