My Pregnancy Makeup and Skincare Routine

hey ya’ll! I hope that you’re having a wonderful week! I am still over here, trying to get back into a normal routine with kids, work and just being pregnant. Our move was successful and we are settling into our new house. I am soaking in all of the newness around the city we moved to and I am thankful that my husband has been extra understanding that I need a little more “me” time than he’s had to give me in the past. I currently do not have a babysitter at all so it’s just me and my circus 24/7. I’ve started taking fitness classes at a gym right around the corner and then when I get back home, I normally head straight to the bathroom and soak in a bathtub with my favorite Beautycounter mask.

I’ve shared in the past that I use the Balancing line by Beautycounter and I wanted to share a little bit more about my routine during pregnancy. Most pregnant women, are told by their doctors to stop using their current acne regimes when they become pregnant because it’s not safe for their unborn baby. This conversation, happened with me and my previous OBGYN when I was pregnant with Nolan. It’s actually what sparked my interest in going all “organic” with my beauty products. I asked myself the question, “if it’s not safe for the baby in my body, why would it be safe for me?” and that’s when I started researching the ingredients in my previous skincare products and threw everything in the trash. I actually went to the store and just grabbed a bunch of random things that had “organic” and “all natural” on the bottles, thinking that I was doing the best for myself and my little squish. I was very wrong.

SO many companies market their products to people like me… who want safer products but rely on the labels on the bottles to say “organic” and “all natural.” I didn’t think that I should have to dive deep into ingredient lists because I thought, I could trust what was on the front. This is an issue called “greenwashing” and a lot of companies are doing this and getting away with it. For a long time, I was stuck on ORGANIC and now, I know that doesn’t necessarily mean safe. There are organic leads and organic pesticides for instance… you have to dive deeper into your products to learn what’s actually in them until the FDA is able to regulate the beauty industry as they should be. Oh yea, did I just shock you? The FDA currently has NO SAY over what is allowed and not allowed in our personal care products. If I wanted to make a moisturizer tomorrow, I could and put whatever I want in it and sell it. Sad and scary, huh?

As the years have gone by, I’ve tested many different products and have finally found great ones in Beautycounter. My skin has changed over the course of four pregnancies, breastfeeding and growing older… but I am still able to use the different lines and products by Beautycounter to make my skin look and feel amazing without sacrificing my health. Lately, I’ve fallen in love with the new makeup remover wipes by Beautycounter to take off my makeup in a one step process. What tired mom wouldn’t love that? At the end of the day, while my bath water is running, I grab a wipe and clean my face. Easy as pie. When I get into the bath, I relax a little bit and then wash my face and body with the charcoal bar. The charcoal bar is completely safe to use during pregnancy and not pregnant. Our Charcoal Cleansing Bar works to clarify and detoxify your skin without dehydrating it. Side note: I also use this to clean my makeup brushes. I just wet them and swirl on my bar then run under really hot water and swirl them at the same time. Squeeze out the water and hang to dry.

SOMETIMES, I even get the time to use the Sugar Scrub in Lemongrass to exfoliate. This is made with brown sugar to buff away dull skin, and mineral-rich evening primrose, sweet almond, apricot kernel, and sunflower oils to leave skin looking supple and smooth. Antioxidant-rich acai berry supports the appearance of healthy skin, and a mix of pure citrus and lemongrass oils leaves a fresh and invigorating scent. It’s my version of a mom spa. HA!

After I get out of the bath, I always rub down with the Beautycounter baby oil and protective balm. I have used the same line on Scarlet Reese since she was an infant (she is 21 months old now) and the only thing I have had to replenish is the body wash. I have started using this combo on my growing belly and it really has helped so far with hydration and also preventing stretch marks. I use the baby oil for so many things… you can take your mascara off with it, use it on your skin as a hydrating lotion and a carrier oil for essential oils. I LOVE IT! The baby balm is also a great essential oil carrier but it has so many uses because of the ingredients. An ultra-hydrating barrier balm, designed for both babies and moms. While the ingredients are very clean, it is not intended to be ingested and should not be used as a nipple cream. This is the ‘everything balm’ that I’ve come to love and keep in every bag. Have a cut, blister, bug bite, or scrape? Balm it. Have dry, cracked heels? Balm ’em. Sore noses during cold season? Try the balm. Pimple? Dab on some balm. New tattoo? Yep, the balm even works for that. I think you get where I’m going with this.

For my makeup, I follow a very simple routine (in my opinion.) That I mostly apply on the go while the kids are in their car seats. I am always parked while I am applying my makeup… I just want to make that statement before I hear anything about car safety. The First thing that I use is the Balancing Facial Mist. This is my primer and really helps my makeup “stick.” This mist helps to balance out skin so, all the dry areas – hydrated.. all the oily areas – balanced. It also helps reduce pore size and keep your makeup set. This is why I also apply at the end of my makeup process. I keep this product in my car for when I need a PERK me up and also after I leave the gym. Back to my makeup routine: prime with the mist then I take the Dew Skin number 2 and Tint Skin Foundation in Linen, mix together and apply with an Elf brush. This combo has really helped my pregnancy skin not look dry or flaky throughout the day. The Dew Skin Moisturizer is also prepped with SPF 20 so you can use it when you’re out and about for sun protection. After my foundation is applied, I use the Tint Skin Foundation in Porcelain as my concealer. I do this because I use way to much concealer (dark circles… aka #momlife) to justify the concealer pens and I have found that this works well for brightening the areas I need. I apply with the same Elf brush under my eyes, the corners of my nose and my chin. I take my ring finger after I am finished to press it into my skin and it keeps it in place. Next comes the Mattify Powder to set my foundation and concealer. I use a pea sized amount with the Powder Brush and press into my face. It just sets and gives my skin a polished look. For blush, I still use the shade: SUNSET from the sold out Desert Sunrise Palette. I really wish that it wasn’t sold out because I love it so. If you want a replacement, I suggest looking at the Blush Duos on the Beautycounter website. SOMETIMES, I use an eye shadow but most of the time, I don’t. I define my brows with ECO BROW in Marilyn then I work the Beautycounter Lengthening Mascara on my lashes. I sometimes coat them afterwards with the Volumizing mascara but as of lately, I am not. The last part of my makeup routine is a either a bright lipstick (like GIRLS NIGHT OUT from the new color intense lipstick line) or the Peppermint lip conditioner. This stuff is a staple in my household… I kid you not. Everyone uses it and it’s easy to see why it’s all of our favorite. I can’t get enough of the hydration it gives to my lips.

As of now, that’s my skincare and makeup routine. As it changes with my pregnancy skin, I will share any updates with you! If you have any questions, please send them my way! I would love to help you find a non toxic skincare and makeup routine that you love just as much as I love this!


  • Jen

    Love this. Beautycounter is the best! So nice to have such high quality stuff be non-toxic. I’ve just ordered the intense lipsticks and cannot wait to try them! Love your blog.

    • Amanda Scott

      whoooohoo! I didn’t realize that! I need to look at your order, please let me know when you get them and I’ll walk you through your order! 🙂