My “Healthy Gatorade”

Imagine a healthy version of Gatorade. That’s Drink LMNT. But even better.

Electrolytes are important. But why? These are essential minerals that your body needs in certain amounts to function its best. Electrolytes help conduct electricity through water in the body.

Every time we sweat, also comes out the minerals in our bodies so it’s very important to replenish them.

My household loves LMNT electrolytes because it’s easy, simple and salt-tayyyy.

My absolute favorite is the watermelon salt. Personally, when I first tried this, I was like 😖 There’s 1000mg of salt in a packet but once you get used to the taste, you’ll actually crave it.

I do suggest using half of a packet when you’re starting out and working your way up to a full packet and all the salt!

Try it for yourself and let me know whatcha think!