My Favorite Safer Sunless Tanner… That Works!

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Many of you do not know this about me but I used to be addicted to tanning. IT WAS BAD.

My teenage and early twenties were dedicated to being the tannest I could be and really thriving on being outside without sunscreen and in the tanning bed daily. Not only has this left my 30 year old skin in a state of repair because I now have to fix those issues I caused myself but now that I KNOW BETTER, it leaves me pale. But sometimes… I just don’t wanna be pale. Sometimes, I want a little extra color. This led me to researching different non-toxic brands of self tanners and led me to a company called Beauty by Earth!

Want that sun-kissed glow but don’t want to spend hours baking in the sun? Their natural self tanner is the solution you’re looking for! You’ll get the beautiful, healthy tan you want without exposing your skin to harsh UV rays or the potentially dangerous chemicals used in conventional self tanners.

I actually use their body tanner + the application mitt + face wash. I’ve tried to apply the sunless tanner without the mitt before and all I can say is that YOU NEED THE MITT! It gives the most flawless coverage and makes application super easy. I just drop it in the washer when I am finished applying. 

A few more wonderful things about the Beauty by Earth sunless tanner products is that they don’t have an overwhelming horrible smell, they don’t stain your clothes or sheets and the color is more of a bronze color verses orange. I always get SO MANY compliments when I have applied their sunless tanner.

To see the sunless tanner in action, watch my video on Instagram! To grab some for yourself, Beauty by Earth has generously offered my readers a 15% discount when you shop through this link and use code: LITTLESOUTHERNWIFE at checkout!