Mornings are Tough but It gets Easier

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I am not even going to pretend that I am a morning person. I have never been one so; I understand the pain that the kids feel when I wake them up for school. Monday’s are normally the most rough mornings in our house because, over the course of the weekend, our schedules get off track. I am the one that gets Nolan to and from school every day and I’ve found that with a little prep the night before, I can make mornings a little easier. Nolan is really opinionated so allowing him to have a say in his outfit choice and what’s in his lunch box really make him feel independent. Him and I always figure out what he is going to wear to school and sit it out on the couch so he can slip it on after he eats breakfast. Then we go into the kitchen and pack his lunchbox with lots of options for him to eat the next day. If we skip either of those two steps the night before, I have found that our mornings are really hectic and I always wish I had taken the time to prepare better. Nolan is a pretty good sport about getting up and ready.

Harper on the other hand is the biggest toss up I’ve ever known. She either wakes up really happy or really aggravated so before she gets up, I’m really nervous about which one we get stuck with. Most mornings she and Scarlet Reese are still in their pjs when we take Nolan to school. My hair is most definitely in a bun and I’ve probably not brushed my teeth yet. There have been a handful of times that we have all been fully dressed with our hair and teeth brushed when we have taken Nolan to school. There was even a really fun (that’s sarcasm) chilly morning that we got locked out of the house and stuck outside with no keys to my car for over an hour.

Regardless on how our mornings start, I never let it get to me because I know that everyone will have a good day but just like me, the kids aren’t morning people and I can’t force them to be. It’s so much easier to go with the flow when you have kids then try and stick to a strict routine and get upset once you realize your day isn’t going as planned. How I act is how my children are going to act because they mimic every thing that I do and say. So why not teach them to keep their cool in situations they don’t love?

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