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Let’s Talk Hair

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Let’s talk hair. We all have it (well, most of us do) and it’s something that you have to maintain. I know when my hair looks good, I feel super confident. Who else has an obsession with their hair?

One question that I get a lot is what styling products do I use that aren’t toxic. I didn’t realize this would have been a big issue until I started looking into the products I was using. I have psoriasis and I’ve always had extreme issues with skin irritation and I never knew what would cause it to flare up. Now I know that fragrance and SLS in my styling products like hairspray or hair gel are the main contributors and I do my best to stay away from them.

My one must have styling product is dry shampoo. I know ya’ll all feel me. Ain’t nobody got time to keep up with washing their hair every night and it’s also just not healthy to do. When I was younger, I used to wash my hair sometimes morning and night. I really wish that I would have looked more into hair training instead of just thinking it was a super hippy thing to do. Now that I’ve tried it, I go 6 days between washing. Honestly, it fluctuates depending on my hormones now that I’m breastfeeding. I’ve searched high and low for a non toxic dry shampoo that didn’t have fragrance as an ingredient and ya’ll, I’ve finally found “the one.”

Before I found this brand, I used the Beautycounter Mattifying Powder but lets be real, that’s a little expensive to use for daily dry shampoo. I love the Beauty by Earth dry shampoo because it has great ingredients, a great price point and it actually works! It gives my hair tons of volume and takes all the extra oils away, keeping it from looking greasy. They also carry other products but I haven’t had the chance to try them yet.

Other than a dry shampoo, I’ve trained my hair to only have to be washed once (maybe twice) a week. Less work + healthier to skip washings. The shampoo and conditioner I use on a daily basis I use are from Beautycounter. A little bit goes a LONG way (I use a nickel size with each use) and I only have to replace my shampoo and conditioner a few months a year. It’s the only nontoxic shampoo that does not leave my hair feeling waxy (and trust me, I’ve tried a lot.) When I need a icy blonde refresh on my hair color, I wash with my favorite nontoxic purple shampoo.

And I wouldn’t be doing you any good if I didn’t attach my hair styling products. I’ve used MANY hair dryers but my favorite has been this brush blow dryer that’s less than $50. One it’s dried, I curl it with my favorite professional, but not priced like one, curling wand. I’ve used the same wand for the last 6 years and love it. It’s cheap and comes with several attachments and free shipping. It holds my curls longer than any other curling wand I’ve ever owned.

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