How to Incorporate romance when you have a house full of children

My husband and I have been married for almost 9 years. We’ve had kids for all 9 of those years so getting out the house for date nights and even spending the night away from the kids, together hasn’t been the easiest.

It has allowed us to get created and think outside of the box when it comes to “our time.” During our years together, we have really focused on making sure we keep our relationship healthy because we both agree that our marriage is important and it’s always something we should focus on, no matter how kids we have or how limited our babysitting resources have been. 

It’s taken a little more thought but we always find way to incorporate romance in our relationship. When we had Nolan as a newborn we made a pact that when the kids would fall asleep that was “our time” and so we’ve always had “our time” at night. 

This is when we have non kid talk, hang out and watch a tv show together, play cards, listen to music or play dominos. Whatever we do it’s a date night at home. Date nights with my husband every single night are one focused way we spend time together working on us.

Here are few other habits we’ve incorporated to help keep the romance in our marriage:
-we pray for one another and our marriage 
-we always kiss goodnight 
-we always say I love you
-we laugh together 
-we always have each other’s backs
-we set goals together

It’s important to us that we create a space together that’s always focused on growing, doing better and loving one another. 

How are the ways that you can get creative in your marriage and keep the romance alive? 

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