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Good Morning

Good Morning

I’ve gotten a few questions about what type of skin care routine I have. Every morning, I have the same routine. I normally wake up at least an hour before the kids do so I can have some “me time.” This is really important to me because I am with them pretty much 24/7, and this mama needs some space to keep my calm. The first thing that I do after brushing my teeth is washing my face. I used to only wash my face after I took a bath a night which was really dumb because throughout the night my face would get really oily and I would end up getting massive breakouts. Now that I wash my face every morning, it has cleared up my skin and it helps me feel more awake (I don’t drink coffee, y’all).

The product that I use every single morning and night is my Routine Clean Cream Cleanser. This is a creamy daily cleanser that washes away makeup, dirt and oil on your face while soothing skin naturally. Beautycounter created a coconut oil based product that removes buildup while moisturizing your skin at the same time! I’ve always struggled with an oily, dry, oily face… before I wash oily, after SUPER dry and then a few hours after, really oily again. The Routine Clean Cream Cleanser has fixed that isuse and is helping transform my skin!

The next part of my routine is what I call my moisturizer/primer… It’s the Lustro Face Oil 1 in Calendula oil. This stuff is the BOMB! Derrek even uses it on his face and has noticed a difference in his skin tone. This face oil is the easiest way I’ve found to nourish my skin without using chemicals, toxins or other carcinogenic fillers. The Lustro oil is made with pure plant oils, helping your skin easily absorb them versus them sitting on top of the skin. Calendula oil is the secret because it is a natural anti-inflammatory and helps soothe sensitive and irritated skin. I tend to get really bad spots on my face and especially during pregnancy. I LOVE this Face Oil! I use it as a primer for my makeup when I do decide to wear some. The funny thing about the face oil is that I used to think you rubbed them in but you actually use your fingertips to press the drops of oil into your skin. I use 3-4 drops and press moving my fingers upward towards my hairline.

After this point, if I know I’m not going anywhere, I am finished with my morning routine! I never wear makeup when it’s just myself and my family, and I love how it gives my skin a break and lets it breathe. I think it’s really important to do this a few days a week because your skin is a living organ and it needs to be free of product sometimes to remain healthy.

When I do wear make up, I apply my Tint Skin Foundation with the Retractable Complexion Coverage Brush. The Tint Skin is the first foundation that I have ever used that I do not have to use a powder after applying. I love how this foundation is super creamy, blends perfectly to cover blemishes and helps correct skin tone. It has hyaluronic acid which attracts moisture like a magnet and helps your skin look smoother while reducing fine lines and wrinkles. You can apply it thinly for a natural no makeup look with the Retractable Complexion Coverage Brush or use the Flat Complexion Brush for a more coverage. The Tint Skin keeps my skin looking fresh without the shine. I never have to apply a powder anymore, so it’s super easy to throw on and go. A little bit goes a long way with this product, I’ve had mine for almost 6 months now and I am just getting a new one in the mail because Harper squeezed the rest of it out.

As I’ve grown older and had more kids, my dark circles have become really intense. I always apply the Touchup Skin Concealer Pen because it helps brighten my eyes and cover blemishes. This product is such a great one for me to have on hand because even during the summer, I can just apply this when I have a tan and I look put together. It stays put for long-lasting wear and the click-pen and brush applicator gives you just the right amount. It’s made with knotgrass extract which helps reduce the appearance of lines and aging, helping your skin look more firm, bright and even! WIN WIN in all directions here. This is what I call “Mama’s little lifesaver!”

I love a great blush and the Color Pinch Cream blusher is my favorite! I used to be a powder girl but now that I just use the Tint Skin Foundation, I love the way a cream blush is long lasting and compliments it. Having color on your cheeks helps bring life to your face, and during the winter it gives you the color you need! It’s super creamy and isn’t sticky which is something that I have found others are like. I can apply this in the morning and by the night it’s still there and giving me life.

The last product that I make sure that I am wearing is my Lip Sheer. I alternate colors depending on what I am doing and what I am wearing. My favorite one Petal during the day and around the house. It helps keep my lips hydrated and as I’ve gotten older the coloring of my face has dulled a little so this gives my lips a little pep in their step! One of my must haves with any lip product is that it is not sticky. There is nothing worse than walking outside and having the wind blow your hair in your sticky lip gloss. You can layer the colors for a more intense look or apply a lip gloss over it but for the most part I use them as they are because they rock! Plus, there’s no synthetic fragrance—just a sophisticated hint of vanilla planifolia.


After that I’m all done and I seriously spent 15 minutes putting together a look that lasts all day. I take comfort in the fact that the products I am using house NO toxic chemicals and are formulated with the best ingredients to work double-time as makeup and skin care! My face has become healthier than ever and I spend way less time in the bathroom primping! I have 45 minutes left to exercise and then the kids wake up and we go about our day.