Dry Skin? I Got You

I have personally over exposed my skin to years of sun damage, especially during the summer. I can’t turn back time and take it all back but I can focus on making it better. From all that over exposure comes “alligator” dry skin, wrinkles and sunspots. I’ve tried everything under the sun and I’m here to share what I’ve found finally works for anyone who’s dealing with the same super dry skin.

The key to correcting the dryness is to replenish the moisture. I believe it all starts with what you’re using in the shower. I normally just wash with the Beautycounter Citrus Mimosa Body Wash but anytime my skin feels extra dry or needs some TLC from being out in the sun, I always grab my Lemongrass Sugar Body Scrub. This scrub is made of fine sugar granules that gently buff away dull skin for a healthy-looking glow, while a luxurious blend of evening primrose, sweet almond, apricot kernel, and sunflower oils leaves skin feeling smooth. Antioxidant-rich acai berry supports the appearance of healthy skin, and a mix of pure citrus and lemongrass oils leaves an invigorating scent. You’ll have to take my word for just how amazing this smells but it’s my spa day in a bottle. It’s gluten free, soy free, vegan and made without ‘synthetic fragrance’—a term that may contain dozens of harmful ingredients that are linked to reproductive and hormone disruption. Lemongrass Sugar Body Scrub uses only pure sugar and essential oils to exfoliate skin for a truly healthy glow. One jar normally lasts me 4 months with regular use because a little bit goes a long way as do all the Beautycounter products.

After I get out of the shower or bath, it’s time to amp up the moisture with my two favorite body products. For an every day lotion, I am quite obsessed with the Countermatch Body Lotion. Countermatch uses a Bio-Mimic Technology, which Beautycounter developed by identifying the most potent and beneficial elements from plants that mimic skin function and structure. Squalane derived from green olives draws moisture into the skin and restores elasticity. Arginine, which is found naturally in beetroot, provides nutrients for vibrant, healthy skin. And phytic acid sourced from green rice helps skin breathe for a natural glow. My skin is normally so dry that it cracks and this body lotion makes it feel silky smooth! What is SO crazy to me is that you can achieve up to 24 hours of hydration and smoother, youthful-looking tone with this breakthrough body lotion. It has a almond type smell and is perfect for men and women!

Now, lets talk about the real MVP and a vacation in a bottle – the Melting Body Balm. I have never been to a tropical island but I’ll be danged if I don’t feel like I am every time I apply this body balm! When applied, the balm transforms into an oil, melting away the stress of the day as it melts into your skin. A little bit goes a long way with this just like others and I’ve found a dime size can work wonders on my dry skin without causing it to be extra oily. It’s perfect for cuticles, elbows, and dry areas— or anywhere that needs extra hydration—it makes your skin feel silky smooth. The heavenly monoi scent, inspired by the oil used for centuries in Polynesian skin and hair care, instantly transports your senses to a tropical beach—no reservations needed. I love to mix this with my Countermatch body lotion for the ultimate hydration experience and #winning it helps it last a lot longer by doing it this way. I first tried this balm during our Holiday line from 2018 and after I tried it ONCE I ordered 4 just to have in stock so I would never run out.

Of course, Beautycounter offers several other body moisturizers that are all wonderful and I encourage you to check out this graphic to see all your options. What works for me, might not work for you but you can try others and see for yourself. I personally suffer from psoriasis and during the times that I have flare ups, the Body Butter really helps calm it down. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or want my suggestions on skincare products.