Dating Your Husband Featuring a Date Night Look

SOOOOOOOOO, I want to discuss something with ya’ll that I know is a really important subject that most people don’t talk about. This blog is all about how to date your husband.

When we are dating our significant other, the focus is all about you and him, am I right? Throw in a couple kids into the mix and that all changes. It’s all about who needs their diaper changed, helping brush their teeth and making sure everyone is fed and happy. 9 times out of 10, we put our relationships with our husbands at the bottom of the totem pole. It’s sad but it’s the truth and it’s really hard to say it out loud but doing so also shows that you see the behavior and you can do something to fix it.

One of the ways that I show love to my husband is by texting him a sweet message when I first get up. This message has nothing to do with our kids and keeps the focus on him. Even if it’s something as simple as a ton of emojis that describe my feelings towards him, I still send it. I try and message him a few times during the day with really positive messages so that he knows that I am thinking of him. I also make it a priority to kiss and hug him as soon as he walks in the door. Something that I found out in a marriage counseling session is how important that transaction is. In the past he talked about the days that I didn’t get up to greet him when he came home and how he immediately felt upset and unappreciated. So, I took a mental note of that and make sure that I love on him right when he walks into the house.

Whatever your husbands love language is, figure it out. This is also another important concept that we learned through marriage counseling. Don’t love them the way YOU want love, make sure that you find the time to figure out how they want to be loved and make sure you focus on that. Also, do you remember the last time you had sex?

I am not trying to get to personal here but connecting on a physical level is really important for a man. If you go long periods without intimacy it can be really harmful for your marriage.

A woman’s picture of romance tends to revolve around her emotional needs and her thirst for a relationship with her husband. It’s a package deal, like going on a cruise. Your cruise ticket doesn’t just allow you to enjoy sailing on a ship through beautiful waters to exotic locations; it includes three meals a day plus all-you-can-eat midnight buffets, access to swimming pools, games, exercise facilities, entertainment, excursions to ports of call, and a host of other amenities and experiences.

While a man has emotional needs, a man’s view of romance is much more focused on a single experience: sexual affirmation. In that regard, God wired men and women very differently. As you probably have experienced, these radical differences in approach to romance set the stage for repeated clashes in marriage—the husband pursues romance based on his sexual passion, and the wife goes after relationship.

All of this being said, going out on dates with your hubby can help you reconnect. Get a sitter or loved one to keep the kids for a few hours, put on a cute outfit and head out for some one on one time. Not only will he love not having to fight for your attention while you wrangle kids but it will do YOU some good to have a break as well. Dates are a great way to… date your husband! I am a genius, I know (joking)! Make sure that you keep the convo off your kids, other family members and problems and just ENJOY each other’s company. Look up conversation starters on Pinterest, talk about things that interest you and make you happy, hold hands and even smooch a little. It will leave you and him feeling so refreshed and give you butterflies all over again.

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