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  • Friday night vibes 😘 I love a good night out with my hubby! And these boots are also from @justfabonline and under $20. You’re welcome ❤️
  • When a diaper trip turns into holiday shopping 🛒 I have never been so tired in my lifeeeeeee 😬
  • My littles begged me for a “sweet treat” this morning before school and normally I would just laugh that off but hey, it’s FRIYAY and I knew just the thing for them that wouldn’t leave them all jacked up before school. @perfectkids.snacks is a new kids line of @perfectbar snacks and they are great kids via the ingredients and when they want something sweet. 👏🏼 Why are these bars so perfect? They are made with foods that are not genetically modified and then tested as a finished product for GMOs. Perfect Bars are sweetened with organic honey, a complex carbohydrate that will ensure your energy levels last. And their vegan flavor uses low glycemic organic dates as the sweetener. All of their bars are made with high-quality whole food protein — essential for muscle repair and recovery. Over 20 nutrient-dense organic whole foods provide a good source of vitamins and minerals on-the-go. And they are also kosher and gluten free. 🥜 Exclusively sold at select Target locations – in the fridge section! #ad
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  • During Hurricane Florence, a leak occurred in the storage building we have and ruined all of my winter shoes.  so it’s not even about that. We have a lot going on and I don’t want to spend a lot on myself right before Christmas, so I found a way to buy new winter boots without breaking the bank 👏🏼 head over to my blog to get the link to these boots and a few more also under $20!
  • I love when I find our new member of the family (Magic) curled up with one of the kids when they sleep. He is so sweet and puts up with Scarlet Reese carrying him around like a baby doll. I’ve never been a cat person in my life but yet, some how this happened. Anyone have a cat and have experience training them to go the bathroom outside? I’m so scared he will run away but the litter box is the only draw back 😩 thoughts?
  • Just filmed the easiest tutorial for a faux fishtail braid and how I amp up the glow with two of my new fav makeup products. Have you been wanting to learn more about switching to safer? Head over to my private fb group: A Sweet Beautycounter Life for the details 💋
  • #sponsored I have breastfed all of my babies but sometimes when I have to leave for a work event, travel or want a date night out with Derrek, I need piece of mind knowing my little will take a bottle. We prefer the @playtexbaby VentAire bottles for Scarlet Reese and Mercy when I am away from them and it’s the only ones they haven’t made a fuss about using. Head over to my blog to read more about them and what makes them a must for any baby registry. #playtexmom #playtexbaby
  • Scarlet Reese is a TWO-nager and oh so proud of it. She’s just so different from my other three. She gets mad when I don’t button her coat up to the tip top, has to pick out a specific color cup, plate or pair of shoes and screams bloody murder if I ask her to wear a vest 🤣🙈 I have never considered using a baby leash until she came along (don’t worry internet trolls, I’ve never even bought one for her 😬) because she just runs away as quickly as possible in any place outside of our house. Tell me this is just a phase or is this her personality for the rest of her life? Help me prepare myself 🤣

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